Florida Man Nate Hollander Sues Madonna For Breach Of Contract In Fear She Will Be Late To Miami Show

Florida man Nate Hollander is making headlines after filing a class action lawsuit in Miami-Dade county court against Madonna for breach of contract.

Hollander claims he purchased three tickets for Madonna’s “Madame X” tour at the Miami Beach Fillmore on December 17. According to Buzzfeed News, the Florida man claims the tickets cost a total of $1,024.95. He also says the Miami concert was scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. when he made his purchase.

Months later, however, Live Nation adjusted the start time of the concert to 10:30 p.m. In Hollander’s lawsuit, he insists the new start time is too late for him to attend. He confirms he made an effort to return his tickets to Live Nation for a refund. The change in start time, however, caused the resale value of the three tickets he purchased to plummet.

Hollander’s lawsuit notes the Queen of Pop has become notorious for arriving late to her concerts and starting them hours after the supposed start time. The first performance of her “Madame X” tour started over two hours later than it was scheduled to, prompting Live Nation to change the start times of the subsequent tour dates, as reported by Buzzfeed News.

The breach of contract lawsuit against Madonna comes as fans have been expressing outrage at the music icon who has repeatedly shown up late to several of her “Madame X” concerts.

Over the weekend, Madonna attempted to address the concerns as she took the stage for a performance in Las Vegas. Madonna declared “a queen is never late.” She later shared a video clip of her declaration on social media noting it was “FACTS.”

Unfortunately for the Queen of Pop, her declaration regarding her tardiness to her concerts was not well-received by her followers. In fact, many clapped back at the singing sensation. Some noted it felt as though she was being disrespectful to her fans.

“They just changed the time of the show from 8:30-10:30 in Boston. What time will she really go on? Is there an opening act? I have to work the next day…,” another frustrated fan penned in response to Madonna’s reputation for being late.

A different fan chimed in, “We are coming to see you Sunday. Please don’t be too late. We have lives too! We love you but really do feel disrespected when you are late. Thank you.”

In regards to Hollander’s breach of contract lawsuit, the delayed start time for the Miami concert also poses an issue for any teenage fans of the singer who planned on attending.

There is a curfew for children under the age of 18 in Miami-Dade county of 11 p.m. Because of this rule and the new start time, only teenage fans with an adult accompanying them will be able to attend the concert.

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