Liam Gallagher Embraces & Explores His Roots In The ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Premiere

Liam Gallagher (Christian Isaiah) spends the bulk of his appearances in the Season 10 Premiere of Shameless embracing and exploring black culture.

Warning: This article does contain spoilers from the Shameless Season 10 Premiere.

As The Inquisitr reported last season, a lot of fans weren’t particularly pleased with the way Liam was treated compared to other members of the family. Notably, there was the fact that he’d moved out and no one noticed.

Last season, Liam made the decision to leave his family and move in with a friend of color. When his family eventually noticed, he explained that he took issue with them not acknowledging that he was black. The season ended with Liam presenting Debbie with a list of demands. He explained that the demands would need to be met if he was to return home.

As the Season 10 Premiere kicks off, fans see Liam (with a wild Afro) emerge from his bedroom. So, it appears as if Debbie decided to work with him on the list of demands to bring him back home.

As the episode progressed, Liam opted to dress in clothing that embraced his culture. Many of those around him, however, took issue with his choice of ensemble.

His friend, who he initially recruited to be his bodyguard at school, refused to walk near him because of what he was wearing. Ultimately, this was a wise decision as Liam was jumped by several individuals who were not amused by his wardrobe.

Liam found comfort in visiting Veronica (Shanola Hampton) who was the only individual of color he had known his entire life. Fortunately, Veronica decided to help Liam explore his culture.

Veronica started researching black history and cooking meals related to periods of time in their history. Instead of eating the meals Debbie (Emma Kenney) cooked, Liam would head over to Veronica’s house to enjoy her meals instead.

Immediately after the Season 10 Premiere concluded for those on the east coast, Isaiah took to Instagram to share a snapshot of his character decked out in his cultural ensemble of choice.

The young actor tagged and credited everyone who assisted in building the look his character was rocking.

In less than an hour, the post has accumulated 1,200 likes. With a tiny Instagram following compared to that of his co-stars, there were just a dozen comments on Christian’s picture. The young actor, however, appeared to be actively watching the post as he liked each of the comments penned by his followers.

Most of those who commented on the picture noted that they enjoyed the Season 10 Premiere. One even jested that they’d already watched the episode several times thanks to their subscription to the Showtime streaming service.

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