Democratic Lawmaker’s Tweet Response To GOP’s Impeachment Witness Wish List: ‘Get Lost’

Not long after House Republicans submitted a list of witnesses that they would like to see testify in the upcoming phase of the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump, one top-ranking Democratic lawmaker responded, “GET LOST,” in a Sunday tweet, according to Fox News.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Hakeem Jeffries not only flat-out denied the possibility of those witnesses being called to testify but in his pointed tweet, he insinuated that the witnesses Republicans requested for the public testimony portion of the impeachment probe were not valid.

“House Republican #CoverUpCaucus wants sham witnesses to testify. My two cents? GET LOST,” Jeffries wrote on Sunday morning.

The list of witnesses, which was shot down by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, included the original whistleblower from the U.S. intelligence community who essentially sparked the official impeachment inquiry, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden and former Democratic National Committee consultant Alexandra Chalupa to name a few.

Schiff, in a letter to Republican Rep. Devin Nunes — a top-ranking colleague on the Intelligence Committee — explained why he wouldn’t subject the whistleblower to public testimony, sticking to his repeated insistence that protection of the anonymous person comes above all else.

“The committee… will not facilitate efforts by President Trump and his allies in Congress to threaten, intimidate and retaliate against the whistleblower who courageously raised the initial alarm,” Schiff wrote, before citing the federal whistleblower laws that afford such people protection.

This wasn’t the first time Jeffries expressed blunt disdain for Trump and his Republican allies with regard to the impeachment inquiry, continuing a familiar attack from other House Democrats who insist that Trump isn’t above the law.

“The Founders didn’t want a king, they didn’t want a dictator, they didn’t want a monarch, they wanted a Democracy and that is exactly what we are defending right now, no one is above the law,” Jeffries said in October on the House floor, according to Real Clear Politics.

Rep. Adam Schiff pauses while speaking to reporters following a closed-door hearing.

As previously reported by The Inquistr, fellow Democratic Rep. Dan Kildee slammed Republicans for their witness request list, jokingly adding that he was surprised that they didn’t also ask for former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate in the process.

Kildee went on to explain that contrary to what Republicans have insisted upon, Hunter Biden was never under investigation in Ukraine and said that Republicans are only bringing up his name as a distraction tactic.

He also charged Republicans with only wanting the anonymous whistleblower to be revealed through testimony so that he or she could be intimidated and used as a deterrent for future whistleblowers who might have information to report about the Trump administration.