Republican Senator Invokes Jesus To Defend Trump, Didn’t Realize She Actually Quoted William Shakespeare

Alex WongGetty Images

Marsha Blackburn may need a bit more Bible study before trying to defend Donald Trump next time.

The Tennessee Senator took to Twitter on Sunday in an effort to defend the president from the fast-moving impeachment hearings. Blackburn responded to a tweet from the lawyer representing the whistleblower who said that “it will be the lawyers” who ultimately take down Trump, and the Republican Senator called on what she thought was Jesus Christ.

“A 3-year, coordinated effort has been underway to remove @realDonaldTrump from office,” Blackburn tweeted, citing a conspiracy theory that Democrats have been trying to oust the president since he took office. “Jesus warned us — watch out for the lawyers.”

But Blackburn did not realize that she was not quoting Jesus but instead William Shakespeare, who famously wrote the line in Henry VI: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” The internet quickly jumped on Blackburn’s embarrassing miscue, with many slamming the Christ Presbyterian congregant for failing her Bible studies.

Others pointed out that she didn’t even seem to understand the quote she was referencing. It was spoken by character Dick the Butcher, who suggested that their country would be better if they killed all of the lawyers — not a warning against the unscrupulousness of lawyers, but a chilling threat from a rough character who took to violence and threats as a means to solve problems.

While Blackburn may have missed the mark on the source of her quote, her tweet fell in line with other Republicans who have rallied around the president and echoed his conspiracy theories that Democrats are conducting a political witch hunt against him. Trump has launched some sharp attacks against both Democrats and the members of his administration who have taken part in the impeachment inquiry, including attacks against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who is now being removed from his top post on the White House National Security Council.

Trump has also attacked the whistleblower and called for the media to release his name, drawing sharp pushback and even legal threats from the lawyer who Blackburn responded to with her errant Shakespeare quote.

Some actually pointed out that the Henry VI quote Blackburn made reference to would seem to apply to Donald Trump himself, as it warned against authoritarian leaders who attempt to consolidate power by removing judicial obstacles. Trump has attacked judges who rule against him, questioning their loyalty in attacks that have at times turned very personal.