2019 NCAA Rankings: Shake-Up At Top Of AP Top 25 Poll After LSU Handles Alabama

Todd KirklandGetty Images

The 2019 NCAA college football regular season is winding down, and the LSU Tigers are proving that this may be their year. With an offense that continues to produce in huge sums, the Tigers are still sitting on top of the Associated Press Top 25 Poll after defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide’s loss caused a shake-up at the top of the rankings and some teams may find that it’s now too late to make up ground to get a favorable position for the post-season games.

It had been nearly a decade since LSU defeated Alabama. Despite the final score of 46-41 seemingly indicting a close game, it wasn’t a squeak-out victory for the Tigers. The win was a statement by LSU head coach Ed Orgeron that their team’s offense is unlike any that Baton Rouge has seen in years.

LSU has three games remaining in the regular season before a possible trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game. They held on to the number one spot in the polls for this week, but they’re hoping the win over Alabama will be enough to vault them past Ohio State in the College Football Playoff rankings.

As reported by the Associated Press, Alabama’s loss resulted in a bit of movement at the ranking’s top. Penn State’s loss to Minnesota also helped move some teams around. The Top 10 looks vastly different now than it did just one week ago.

Alabama only fell down to number four, but Penn State’s loss almost took them out of the Top 10. Minnesota jumped all the way up to number seven after coming into the weekend in the 13th spot.

Here is the AP Top 25 Poll released on November 10, 2019:

1.) LSU
2.) Ohio State
3.) Clemson
4.) Alabama
5.) Georgia
6.) Oregon
7.) Minnesota
8.) Utah
9.) Penn State
10.) Oklahoma
11.) Florida
12.) Baylor
13.) Auburn
14.) Michigan
15.) Wisconsin
16.) Notre Dame
17.) Cincinnati
18.) Memphis
19.) Boise State
20.) SMU
21.) Navy
22.) Texas
23.) Iowa
24.) Indiana
25.) Oklahoma State

LSU’s win has shaken up the entire landscape of this season’s bowl projections, but that has more to say about Alabama than the Tigers. While LSU has long been seen as a good team, Alabama has not dominated this season as they have in the past. Many analysts feel that the Crimson Tide’s dynasty may finally be over.

ESPN‘s new 2019 bowl projections have the majority of the experts putting LSU and Ohio State in the College Football Playoff National Championship. Some still feel as if Alabama has enough time to move back into the top four, but it won’t be easy.

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll isn’t the end-all for rankings in college football, but it goes a long way in the College Football Playoff numbers. Joe Burrow and his LSU Tigers are going to be looking to hold on to the lead, but the season is far from over.