‘Shameless’ Renewal For Season 11 Is Highly Likely, According To Showrunner John Wells

A recent interview with showrunner John Wells suggests Shameless fans may not have to worry about saying goodbye to the Showtime hit series just yet.

With the Season 10 premiere of Shameless airing on Showtime in less than 24 hours, one of the biggest questions fans have is simple. Will the series be around for another season?

Understandably, many fans are concerned the series may not be able to survive losing leading lady Emmy Rossum, who exited the show last season.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wells was asked whether he believed Season 10 would be the series finale for the U.S. version of Shameless.

“I never like to approach the end of a show that is character-based. We’ll probably do a season 11, and Bill [William H. Macy] has said he’d do that. I’d make this show forever because it’s about life and income inequality. Few people are telling those stories. We have oddly moved into the zeitgeist of what is actually being discussed in the country,” Wells explained.

As The Inquisitr reported recently, Wells is not alone in giving Shameless fans hope regarding the future of the series. During a panel for the series, Macy noted that he was open to at least four more years of the show.

At the time, Shameless was in Season 8. If Macy still feels the way he felt during that panel, the series should be good to go for Seasons 11 and 12.

Pushing the question further, The Hollywood Reporter also asked John Wells whether he thought the series would be able to continue if Macy ever exited.

Unfortunately for Shameless fans, John’s answer suggested he wasn’t sure the series would be able to continue of Macy ever decided he wanted to retire his role as Frank Gallagher.

Shameless is a very character-driven show. So, as Wells pointed out, it would be difficult for the show to continue without Frank in the picture.

As those who have watched all nine seasons of the series know, Macy’s character really isn’t one you expect to amount to anything or go anywhere. In fact, the only realistic way the series could continue without him is to kill him off.

Unfortunately, this information is all just speculation and theories based on interviews John Wells and William H. Macy have participated in. Only time will tell if Showtime will renew Shameless for Season 11.

In the mean time, those with a Showtime subscription will be able to tune in to watch the Season 10 premiere just after midnight when the network drops it into their streaming library prior to airing it on TV.

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