Nicki Minaj Arrives Late, Threatens To Quit ‘American Idol’

Nicki Minaj on Grammy snub

A day after arriving late to a live taping of American Idol Nicki Minaj threatened to quit and walk off the stage early.

Minaj threw a bit of a tantrum when America decided to send Curtis Finch Jr. home. Minaj tried to convince the other judges to vote and save Finch Jr. but it didn’t work. Minaj then threatened to leave the show.

Minaj said: “Curtis, if you go home. I go home … I definitely think Curtis should not be in the bottom two. I mean, I love Devin but I think that Curtis, if you look at every one of his performances, I mean — come on, America, are you kidding me?”

Minaj even got out of her seat and made it half way off the stage before she remembered that she’s getting paid millions of dollars to sit in a chair and make pouty faces.

Entertainment Tonight notes that Minaj’s tantrum was a little unexpected especially since she missed Curtis’ performance. Yep, Minaj was late to the show, didn’t see Curtis perform, and threw a tantrum when he was voted off.

Are you a fan of Nicki Minaj? Do you think she should get voted off American Idol?

Here’s a video from E! about the Nicki Minaj drama on American Idol.


Are you surprised that Curtis Finch Jr. was sent home last night? Do you like Nicki Minaj for standing up for the contestant or do you think she makes unnecessary drama on the show?

Idol fans may not have to put up with Minaj for much longer. There are rumors floating around that Minaj will walk away from her contract at the end of the season in order to get back to recording music.