Kelly Ripa Shares Series Of Adorable ‘Sesame Street’ Throwback Photos Featuring Her Son, Joaquin Consuelos

Kelly Ripa took to Instagram earlier today to pay tribute to one of the most popular and long-running children’s television shows. As those who follow the television personality on social media know, Ripa regularly shares photo and videos from her hit show, Live With Kelly and Ryan, as well as photos from other shows that she has appeared in. Earlier today, the blond-haired beauty paid tribute to Sesame Street.

In the caption of the brand-new post, the mother of three celebrated 50 years of the hit show, noting that it has always been with her throughout her life. Ripa then went on to explain all the things that she loves about to show, including the fact that she always wanted to live with Gordon and Susan. In the first photo in the series of three, Ripa can be seen in an episode that she starred in.

The 49-year-old appears to have been a mail carrier in the episode, rocking a light gray jacket as well as a red, white, and blue scarf. She sported a blue bag slung across her shoulder in the image while also rocking a furry gray hat. Ripa also wore her short blond tresses down and straight while also sporting a beautiful application of makeup that included eyeliner, blush, and light lipstick. Next to her stood Elmo, an iconic character from the hit series.

The second photo in the series featured another throwback, this time of her youngest son — Joaquin Consuelos — and Elmo. In the image, she held her son in her arms and rocked a smile on her face while the toddler looked into the camera with a big smile as well. Just behind Joaquin stood Elmo, who appeared to be giving him a big hug.

The last photo in the series featured a photo of actress Sonia Manzano, who played Maria in the popular series. In the caption of the image, Ripa mentioned that she sat next to Sonia when she won her Emmy Award in 1992. Since the post went live on her page, it’s earned the television personality a ton of attention from fans, racking up over 47,000 likes in addition to 300-plus comments. While some followers commented on the image to let Ripa know that she looks gorgeous, countless others gushed over how much they love Sesame Street. A few more raved over how adorable Joaquin looks.

“This is AMAZING! I can’t imagine how cool it must have been for your children to see you with the Sesame gang! We are the biggest fans, HAVE to catch this episode with our little ones,” one social media user wrote.

“So cute! I wish you were my letter carrier,” a second fan commented.

“Little Joaquin and Elmo is the cutest pic ever,” another raved.

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