'Ghostbusters 2020' Will Honor The Legacies Of Harold Ramis And Egon Spengler

Danny Cox

A lot of old-school movie fans are looking forward to the summer of 2020, due to the release of what they consider to be a true sequel in the Ghostbusters' franchise. Harold Ramis passed away in 2014 at the age of 69-years-old and obviously won't be able to be in the new film, but he won't be totally absent. It has now been confirmed that one of the stars of the original film from the '80s will be honored, as will the character he made famous.

There is not a lot known about the new Ghostbusters 2020, and fans want nothing more than to get details and plot information. It is known that the original storyline from the first two films will be extended and followed, but that's all.

A number of stars from the first two movies will appear in the third, but it is obvious that Ramis won't be there. Dan Aykroyd recently appeared on The Greg Hill Show and spoke at great length about the upcoming sequel and let it be known that his friend will be remembered in big ways.

Ramis remained good friends with Aykroyd throughout his life, and it was hard on so many people when he died. Due to how loved he was, Aykroyd wanted to make sure that he was honored in the movie and that Egon Spengler was kept alive.

Aykroyd confirmed that his own character of Ray Stantz will be back for Ghostbusters 2020, but he won't be the only one returning. Bill Murray's Peter Venkman and Ernie Hudson's Winston Zeddemore are both going to be back, but again, so will Ramis' Spengler.

"I miss him a lot. He was, of course, a really intelligent, great writer and collaborator. We paid tribute to him in the movie that Paul Feig made with the girls, he was there in a bust, and Billy and I showed up to work on that because we had faith on that vision."

With the rest of the original Ghostbusters team returning, it would only make sense for Egon Spengler to be talked about and mentioned. As Dan Aykroyd makes it obvious that Harold Ramis was a great friend of his, it would make even more sense for him to be honored in Ghostbusters 2020 in touching fashion.