WWE Rumors: Main Roster Call-Up Already Sent Back To Developmental After Just Two Weeks

When superstars are brought up to the main roster in WWE, that isn't the call for them to relax, as they can always be sent back down to the minors. In the case of how things have become, NXT isn't necessarily looked at as the developmental league any longer, but some may still see being sent back as a demotion. One superstar on Monday Night Raw was fortunate enough to be called up to the red brand, but her time there lasted only a few weeks.

A while back, Sin Cara returned from injury and began feuding with Andrade, who ended up on Monday Night Raw. This could have been a good feud, but it was missing something or someone. That is where Carolina came in, seemingly out of nowhere.

The masked female superstar started accompanying Sin Cara to the ring during this program with Andrade, and it seemed as if she may be a valet or manager. Then, this past week on Monday Night Raw, Carolina stepped into the ring and performed rather well in a tag team match even though her team lost.

Hopefully, fans in the WWE Universe didn't get overly attached to her being on Raw as she likely won't be seen there again anytime soon.

Carolina awaits a tag from Sin Cara.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, the former NXT superstar has already been sent back to developmental. Dave Meltzer said that WWE wanted Sin Cara to have her alongside him to spar with Zelina Vega while he worked with Andrade.

"So Carolina is already gone. She wasn't there which I pretty much figured. She's probably not on the main roster. She was only there in this program for someone for Zelina Vega to work with."
While it's not exactly known what will happen next with Carolina, she has likely been sent back down to NXT. There is also the possibility that she could end up spending time in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando to enhance her in-ring skills a bit more.

There are times that superstars aren't necessarily ready to be on the main roster, but the storylines simply call for their gimmicks. In this case, a masked female luchador was needed and her time on Raw worked for a couple of weeks.

Carolina's time on the main roster in WWE will likely come again, but for now, she just needs to be in developmental a while longer. It could be next week or next year, but the masked superstar will grace the big ring one day again in the future.