Dr. Tony Jones Returns To 'General Hospital' For A Brief Family Visit & Fans Are Left Wanting More

Part of today's episode of General Hospital featured Lucas Jones visiting the gravesite of his deceased father figure, Dr. Tony Jones. During this emotional graveside visit, actor Brad Maule returned to reprise the role of Tony, leaving fans wanting much more of the character and actor.

Lucas grew up with Tony as his adoptive father, learning only a few years ago that his biological father Julian Jerome was alive and in Port Charles. Lucas and Julian have had a rocky relationship and things took a particularly ugly turn this week. In an effort to cope with his emotions, Lucas went to spend time at his "real" father's gravesite, which was when Tony paid his son a ghostly visit.

General Hospital spoilers had previously revealed that Maule would be back for today's episode to visit with Ryan Carnes' Lucas. Even though many viewers knew it was coming, it looks as if it was still a big hit with the show's fans.

As Lucas and Tony spoke at great length, Julian was pestering Bobbie at General Hospital looking for his son. There was an old photo of Tony on the wall there, and Bobbie even told Julian at one point that Tony was Lucas' only real father.

Lucas talked to Tony about being a doctor and a father now, and they revisited some memories from years ago.

"I am watching him right now and crying all the way through it," wrote one General Hospital fan of Maule's scenes.

"I never knew how much I needed these Tony/Lucas scenes until now," admitted another General Hospital viewer.

Some General Hospital fans noted that they will never forgive former head writer Robert Guza Jr. for being at the helm when the decision was made to kill off Tony. Others said that they really wanted to see a moment between Tony and Bobbie, and they did get that right at the end of the episode.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's an absolute travesty how #gh treated the character of Tony Jones," lamented another long-time fan.

It was quite clear across Twitter as Friday's episode of General Hospital aired that viewers loved seeing Maule back in this role. Tony was killed off 13 years ago when an encephalitis epidemic hit Port Charles; the character has been missed ever since.

Some fans noted that this emotional discussion between Lucas and Tony may make it even worse when the truth about Wiley really being Jonah emerges. Jonah will surely be reunited with his biological father, Michael Corinthos, and it's hard to envision a path for Lucas to forgive his husband, Brad, and father, Julian, for hiding the truth for so long.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that the truth about Jonah will remain hidden for a while longer. Could the writers bring Brad Maule back as Dr. Tony Jones to comfort Lucas when the truth does emerge? It looks like fans would love to see that happen.