Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cassandra Takes Charlotte And Rattles Port Charles

Monday’s episode of General Hospital will be intense according to the latest spoilers. Cassandra Pierce has been determined to achieve her goals and now she will utilize Charlotte Cassadine to try to achieve them.

During Friday’s show, viewers watched as Cassandra escaped from the van that Nikolas Cassadine was driving. She ended up at Kelly’s Diner and saw young Charlotte sitting alone. Cassandra approached Charlotte and the sneak peek for Monday reveals that the fugitive will end up getting the little girl out of Kelly’s and away from everybody.

General Hospital spoilers share that Cassandra will scare Charlotte by telling her that nobody will find them. Viewers will need to wait until Monday to see just how Cassandra gets Charlotte out of Kelly’s without anybody noticing, although she likely ushers her out a back door under the threat that she will be harmed if she makes a fuss.

Lulu Spencer and Maxie Jones were chatting just a few feet away from where Charlotte was working on homework, and unfortunately, they won’t notice her disappearance until the little girl is already gone. Naturally, this will send Charlotte’s mother Lulu into a panic.

According to SheKnows Soaps, it will not take Valentin Cassadine long to learn of Charlotte’s disappearance. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will receive a disturbing call during Monday’s show, and this will surely be about his daughter.

Will Cassandra be the one to alert Valentin that she’s taken Charlotte or will someone else reach him first? Either way, Valentin will be furious and determined to destroy Cassandra after he gets his daughter back in his arms.

As the week progresses, General Hospital spoilers note that Jason Morgan will pay Valentin a visit. It seems likely that Jason will be trying to figure out the connections between Cassandra, Charlotte, and Valentin since Cassandra had rattled Sam McCall and prompted a lot of questions during the brief time they were cellmates at Pentonville.

Nina Reeves will be frantic when she learns of Charlotte’s disappearance, and she’ll likely be even more terrified when she learns that Cassandra is person behind the girl vanishing. During next Wednesday’s episode, Lulu and Valentin will manage to align their priorities with one another and this is surely related to their daughter.

How long will Charlotte remain missing? General Hospital spoilers do not yet reveal that important detail. However, Charlotte, Nina, and Valentin will be together again as of the show airing on Wednesday, November 20, if not before.

Will someone manage to eliminate Cassandra once and for all as these next couple of weeks play out? She doesn’t exactly have any allies at this point, and she has a lot of Cassadine-related scoop people are desperate to keep under wraps. Luckily, General Hospital spoilers seem to suggest that Charlotte will return to her family unharmed, but Cassandra’s future is looking pretty bleak.