Jennifer Aniston Wows Fans With Stunning Makeup-Free Selfie While Sipping Coffee: 'Mugshot'

Jennifer Aniston may have just joined Instagram, but her selfie game is on on point. The actress took to her newly-created account on the social media platform this week to share a stunning photo that had her fans in an absolute frenzy.

The latest addition to Jen's Instagram feed was shared on Friday, November 8, and was an instant hit with her 18.8 million followers. It came in two parts, with the second slide being a short clip from The Morning Show to remind her fans that there was a new episode available today for them to stream.

What truly captivated her audience, however, was the photo that kicked off the star's new Instagram upload. In the snap, the 50-year-old beauty appeared to be sitting in the backseat of a car as the sunlight spilled in through the windows, providing the perfect lighting for her gorgeous selfie. In the caption of her post, the actress cheekily labeled the snap a "mugshot."

Jennifer held a bright blue coffee cup with the name of her new Apple TV+ show in bold, yellow lettering in front of her face, appearing to get ready to take a huge sip of the steamy beverage.

The Friends star appeared to have just gotten started with her day, as her honey blond locks were pulled back in a sleek bun and still damp, likely from her morning shower. She was wearing a simple white tank top, and wrapped a black scarf, or possibly a sweater, around her neck for an extra layer in case of a chill.

What truly struck Jennifer's audience, however, was her breathtaking natural beauty, which she showed off by going completely makeup-free in the selfie. Her smooth skin looked absolutely flawless in the photo, and her wide-eyed stare at the camera allowed her piercing blue-green eyes to pop.

Unsurprisingly, Jen's new Instagram photo was an instant hit with her fans. The post earned more than 815,000 likes in just 40 minutes since going live to the social media platform -- and that number continues to grow by the minute. Thousands had flocked to the comments section of the post already as well, where they left notes of their excitement for the latest installment of The Morning Show, as well as compliments for her ageless beauty.

"NATURAL BEAUTY OH MY GOD," one person wrote, while another user said that the actress was "the most perfect."

"Wow you really are just beautiful inside and out," commented a third fan.

"Omg I adore you! And I adore this show! So so proud of both you and Reese for how amazing you have done with The Morning Show," a fourth fan wrote.

Jen's new post today marks only the ninth installment of her Instagram feed, as she just joined the platform last month after years of claiming she would never do so. Her decision to finally join the popular social media space was certainly momentous. The actress now holds the Guiness World Record for fastest Instagram account to earn 1 million followers, which she achieved in just five hours and 16 minutes to edge out the previous record holders, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.