Spoilers For 'The Young And The Restless': Kyle Explodes

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Kyle explodes over Billy's behavior at Jabot. As he struggles to handle the co-CEO situation at Jabot, Kyle finds himself tempted to once again submit to his darker impulses.

Not only does Kyle (Michael Mealor) have to deal with Theo (Tyler Johnson) suddenly being a member of his family, but also he is frustrated at work. Jack (Peter Bergman) left both Kyle and Billy (Jason Thompson) in charge at Jabot, and Billy isn't playing nice. Billy treats Kyle like an underling, and Kyle isn't pleased with the situation. When he pushes back, Kyle goes low, reminding Billy of gambling away the company yacht and spending time in rehab more than once. Plus, Kyle doesn't even know the half of it considering Billy's recent struggles with Adam (Mark Grossman).

Unfortunately for Kyle, Jack overhears Kyle lashing out at Billy, and he's not pleased with what he sees as mean-spirited and childish behavior from his son. Kyle actor Michael Mealor discussed the storyline with CBS Soaps In Depth recently.

"Kyle has worked for the last two years for this position. Billy was in rehab, and Jack stepped away to have a moment to figure out what he wanted out of life, so Kyle was left in charge of Jabot. But then they came back and Jack [made] Billy co-CEO. Kyle feels like they should be a team, but Billy has done everything but collaborate with him!" noted Mealor.

Billy consistently tells Kyle that he cannot make decisions alone, but then Billy turns around and brokers a big deal without even discussing it with Kyle, and that leaves Kyle frustrated and furious. Unfortunately for Kyle, neither his personal life nor professional life is going smoothly right now with Theo cozying up to Lola and the rest of his family and Billy going behind his back at Jabot.
"Kyle's having a hard time getting the respect that he thinks he deserves. No matter what he does, Jack doesn't trust him. And Billy is always undermining him. It's just a very frustrating position for Kyle to be in!"
In the past, Kyle has embraced his dark side, and he's proven to be ruthless. After all, at one point, he tried to take Jabot for Victor (Eric Braeden). Although he's turned over a new leaf these days, that part of Kyle still remains deep down inside. With all the pressure and disappointment he's facing right now, there's a real chance that Kyle will once again revert to his past, and Mealor warns that his on-screen alter ego could end up taking the easy way when the chips are down this month.