Blake Shelton Makes Naughty Joke About Gwen Stefani Being Naked In Video Honoring Her Style

Gwen Stefani is going to receive the Fashion Icon award at this year’s E! People’s Choice Awards, and numerous celebrities have shared their thoughts on why the style star deserves the honor. In a recent E! News video, Blake Shelton reveals that Gwen doesn’t have to put on anything special to impress him. In fact, he prefers it when she doesn’t wear anything at all.

In the video tribute to Gwen’s style, the 50-year-old No Doubt frontwoman is lavished with praise from some of her fellow celebrities, including all of her co-coaches on The Voice. Blake makes an appearance a few times. He first shares a sincere congratulatory message for his girlfriend.

“I know fashion’s always been important to you and it’s always been an important part of your life,” Blake says.

However, Blake can’t resist injecting his signature brand of bawdy humor into the video tribute. Near the end of it, he jokes that he prefers it when his girlfriend isn’t wearing a stitch of her stylish designer duds.

“I gotta say though. My favorite clothes of yours are the ones that are in the floor, you know what I’m sayin?” Blake says with a laugh.

The other celebrities who make appearances in the video share their thoughts on how Gwen looks when her clothes are on. Kelly Rowland reveals that she fell in love with Gwen’s style when she saw her rocking plaid pants. Ashanti praises Gwen’s fashion label L.A.M.B.

“It’s always out of the box, but it always works,” Vanessa Lachey says of Gwen’s style.

The Voice coaches Kelly Clarkson and John Legend also share words of praise for their co-star, with John calling Gwen the “definition of cool.”

“I couldn’t think of any woman, or human, actually, that deserves it better. You always look rad,” Kelly says.

Gwen also talks about her award in the video, saying that it feels “bizarre” and “crazy” to be honored as a fashion icon. She explains that the world of designer fashion used to feel out-of-reach to her when she was just a girl growing up in Anaheim, thumbing through the pages of Vogue magazine.

“‘Oh, those girls. That’s not real. I’ll never get my hands on those clothes,'” Gwen recalls thinking.

Gwen also says that she was just doing her own thing at the beginning of her music career. However, the unique looks that she put together quickly catapulted her to style-icon status, and the doors of the fashion world were soon opened for her. Fast forward to now, and she’s dating a man who usually sticks to a uniform consisting of jeans, plaid shirts and cowboy boots. However, while Blake might not be all that into designer fashion or clothing in general, it’s clear that he can appreciate his girlfriend’s status as a style icon.