‘Dancing With The Stars’ Jenna Johnson Shows Off ‘Bare’ Skin In New Instagram Post

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Dancing with the Stars star Jenna Johnson showed off what she called her “bare” skin in a stunning new Instagram post. In the caption, the professional dancer spoke about self-acceptance and body positivity, hoping to inspire her 547,000 followers.

A glowing Johnson wore a stunning, leopard-print bikini top in a photo that appeared to be taken on the shoreline. Her face is stripped clean of makeup, and fans are able to see the sweet freckles she keeps hidden under heavy foundation for tapings of the ABC reality dance competition series.

A large smile is spread across Johnson’s face as her hands are clasped in front of her. She is looking wistfully out beyond the camera.

Johnson said she was “free” in the accompanying post that ran alongside the photo.

The naturally gorgeous dancer, who is married to fellow show professional Val Chmerkovskiy, noted in the photo’s caption that she always had trouble finding personal acceptance toward the woman hidden underneath all the glitz and glamour that goes along with performing on Dancing with the Stars. Johnson also admitted in the post to struggling with acne.

The photo, which has received almost 60,000 likes thus far, is posted below. The image drew praise from her husband, Chmerkovskiy.

“That’s my queen.”

Also commenting was Johnson’s sister-in-law, Peta Murgatroyd.

“You don’t need anything at all!”

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This is me! FREE, unfiltered, no makeup, freckles, sunburn, pimples and all. I’ve always struggled finding complete happiness in the “bare” me. When I hit my 20’s I started getting intense acne I’d never had before. For years (and even sometimes now) I feared leaving the house without any makeup on. The thought of anyone seeing my bumpy red skin made me embarrassed and ashamed. I always felt the need to cover everything up in order to feel “pretty” and accepted. I’ve tried my best to use social media to be as open and honest with all of you! #AsSheIs is a reminder that behind it all we are all human! Behind the glamorous photo shoots, filters, professional makeup, and glitz and glam... there is a beautiful soul perfectly imperfect. In moments of self doubt or comparison, remind yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH!! You are special. And you are so loved. Just as you are :)

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Other celebrity pals who chimed in with a nod to Johnson’s beauty was the former celebrity partner of Johnson’s husband, Rumer Willis, who won a mirrorball in Season 20 of the series. Also commenting positively was Nyle DeMarco, who appeared on Season 22 as a competitor alongside Johnson’s sister-in-law Peta.

This is not the first time Johnson has spoken out about self-acceptance.

While she is also known for posting images where she is wearing designer fashions and a full face of makeup, as reported by The Inquisitr in October, the 25-year-old also regularly posts natural photos of herself in everyday clothing and shares tips and tricks for living an honest life with her followers.

In July of this year, Johnson shared a side-by-side photo of herself to Instagram where she spoke about the importance of mental health.

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“Love Your Brain, Love Your Life” . I recently came across a video by Dr. Daniel Amen who gave this quote while talking about mental health. I was so struck by these words and really reflected on them. . Pictured are two girls. And I LOVE both of them. The difference is, the girl on the left didn’t trust herself. Tried to cover herself up with a mask of makeup and that terrible flower crown. Feared what people thought about her. Didn’t know who she was. Tried to be what other people wanted. Was afraid to look up! And ultimately it reflected on her outward appearance. The girl on the right decided to embrace herself. Accepted her insecurities. Loved her acne! Doesn’t wear makeup 90% of the time. Opened up. Took charge of her life and her identity. Blocked out the bullies and the critics who don’t know her. Tries everyday to love herself and know her worth!! . Maybe some of you thought this was only a ‘body positivity’ post (which it is too) but more importantly it’s a BRAIN POSITIVITY post. It’s crazy how much effort and care we put into our physical bodies to keep them healthy and working... but why don’t we put that same effort into our brain?! And our mental health?! . Anyways, I’m grateful for both women pictured. Grateful for all that I’ve gone through. And I’M PROUD OF HOW FAR I’VE COME! And how HARD I’ve worked on both my physical and mental health! ???? . #mentalhealth #drdanielamen #loveyourbrain #healthyandhappy #beforeandafter #bodypositivity

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In the revealing post seen above, Johnson wondered why this important aspect of wellness is not taken care of as much as physical beauty, alluding to how “hard” she has worked on her mental health throughout her life.

Johnson was eliminated in Week 7 of this season of Dancing with the Stars alongside her celebrity partner, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star Karamo Brown.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.