Valve Business Increased ‘By 50 Percent’ Last Year

Valve president and CEO Gabe Newell says that his company’s business increased by about 50 percent last year. The online gaming service has managed to increase its reach and business thanks to having a largely open platform.

Newell’s company has been making quite a bit of headlines over the last few days, thanks to its now open feud with Xi3 over the Piston. What was once known as the “Steambox” has been disavowed by Newell publicly.

That abandonment has led to Xi3 to fire back and try and drag Newell and his firm through the mud in a fight that has had a new punch thrown every day this week. The online gaming company is also fighting off challenges from more established console gaming companies like Microsoft, even while the computer giant claims that they are not actual competitors.

Newell talked about the success of his company after accepting a BAFTA award earlier this month and commented that there “is an insatiable demand for gaming right now.”

Valve certainly makes quite a bit of money by selling ultra-popular titles like Left for Dead 2 but by also offering up a way for independent developers to make and sell their own high quality games.

As a way to demonstrate just how popular the gaming service is these days, Newell dropped some impressive usage numbers for its incredibly popular original title Dota 2. During the last Dota 2 update, Newell says his site was generating 3.5 terabits of data per second.


The PC gaming big wig said that was about two percent of all mobile Internet and LAN activity during that update. Newell also said that he expects growth to be coming fast and furiously from the independent gaming world.

The online gaming service allows people to buy bundles that are 50 percent or more off the regular price from time to time and it allows users to download demos to most of its offerings as well. Have you ever used Valve?