‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Scott Tries To Change Franco’s Mind As Elizabeth And Kim Clash

Franco Baldwin came out on top in his competency hearing, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that the fallout from this will continue with Wednesday’s episode. Franco is prepared to keep living as Drew Cain and he is ready to leave Port Charles. However, Franco’s father Scott Baldwin is throwing a hail Mary to try to prevent this. In addition, Dr. Kim Nero has shown up at Elizabeth Webber Baldwin’s door and this could get intense.

“Drew” may have been rattled by what he learned about Kim’s recent actions, but he softened during Tuesday’s episode when reflected on a conversation he had with her at Oscar’s Meadow. From there, he told Elizabeth and Cameron that he was leaving Port Charles with Kim, as he was the only person she had and she realized she needed help she couldn’t get in town.

While “Drew” may be prepared to leave town, his father isn’t done trying to keep him in Port Charles. Scott has one more avenue to pursue and it sounds as if this may have to do with Franco’s childhood with Drew. General Hospital spoilers hint that Scott may tell “Drew” about everything that went down with Jim Harvey, in hopes that it could slow things down or draw a bit of Franco back out again.

Over at Elizabeth’s house, Kim has shown up and noted that they need to talk. These two ladies had become close at one point before this happened with Franco. Unfortunately, that friendship isn’t necessarily sustainable given the current situation with Franco/Drew.

Kim has tried to persuade Elizabeth to see things from her point of view, just as Liz has tried to get through to Kim. Neither woman has budged from their stance and it seems unlikely to happen now.

While viewers will see tense moments involving Franco, Scott, Liz, and Kim during Wednesday’s show, General Hospital spoilers suggest that nothing concrete will necessarily happen yet. According to SheKnows Soaps, Monica and Kim will share some heartfelt moments with one another next week, signaling that Kim doesn’t leave Port Charles quite yet.

There have been rumors swirling about Kim’s future in Port Charles, and the buzz is that she may ultimately leave town. Whether “Drew” leaves with her or not remains to be seen, but General Hospital spoilers tease that he won’t stay gone for good.

“Drew” may help Kim get settled in somewhere and then head back to Port Charles, or he may decide not to leave after all. However, it seems certain there is more yet to come for Franco/Drew and Elizabeth.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there is a lot more on the way with Wednesday’s episode in addition to this Franco-related drama. Viewers will watch as Nikolas tries to stay hidden, Alexis’ medical condition deteriorates, and Hayden shares awkward moments with Finn.