New York City Population Reaches New Heights, Tops 8.3 Million

New York City

New York City’s population is larger than ever, with the city now growing faster than it is shrinking for the first time since before the Cold War.

“We have many indicators of quality of life in the city – record low crime, record high tourism, record high life expectancy, record high graduation rates, record job growth and more – but there’s no better indication of the strength of our city than a record high population and a net population influx,” Mayor Bloomberg said in a press release. “People are voting with their feet.”

New York City‘s population increased by 161,564 to reach a total of 8,336,697 people. To put this in perspective, New York City gained more people than the entire populations of Green Bay, WI or Cambridge, MA. All five of the city’s boroughs grew, with Brooklyn spouting the biggest growth spurt. New Yorkers are also using the subway in record numbers, matching 1940s levels.

New York City’s metropolitan area remains the largest in the nation, with 19.8 million people. New York City’s population is larger than the entire populations of 38 states. The New York City metropolitan area is larger than every state except for California and Texas. America’s second largest city is Los Angeles, whose population is less than half the size of New York City’s.

Foreign immigration contributed greatly to the city’s growth, as immigrants compromised the bulk of New York City’s new arrivals. The city’s Asian population has grew substantially, namely its Chinese and South Asian populations.

After taking into account how many people moved away from the city, New York City’s population actually grew by 12,000. Nevertheless, New York City’s population growth represents a change taking place across the country. For over half a century families have moved out of cities into suburbs, but changes in the economy and social interactions have started to reverse the trend. New York City’s population growth is a sign of greater acceptance of urban living.