Hilde Osland Shows Off Her Wild Side In Leopard-Print Dress With Plunging Neckline

Hilde Osland showed off her wild side Wednesday when she updated her Instagram page with photos of her wearing a leopard-print dress with a revealing neckline.

The update included two photos in which Hilde sat barefoot on a marble staircase in a well-lit area. One of the photos captured Hilde from afar on the steps as she ran her hands through her hair while giving the camera a coy smile. The second snap was more close up, giving her fans a good look at her pretty face and fabulous figure. The Instagram sensation looked down as she teased her fans and lifted the dress, exposing her thighs.

Her sexy dress had thin shoulder straps that wrapped around her neck and a plunging neckline that showed plenty of her voluptuous chest. However, it’s most daring feature might have been the huge waist-high slit in the front. While the beauty might have been sitting down, she showed off the slit by parting the dress part over both of her toned legs, revealing her smooth, bronze skin. The dress spilled around her legs and over the stairs for an elegant, yet sexy vibe.

Hilde’s makeup looked flawless and included dark brows, bronze eye shadow and a coral color on her lips. Her signature blond hair was parted in the middle and fell in waves over her shoulders. For a touch of bling, the stunner wore dainty necklaces, a bracelet and small hoop earrings. She completed the look with white polish on her nails.


In the caption, Hilde said the seductive ensemble was available through fashion brand Hot Miami Styles, adding that her spray tan was from Perth Mobile Spray Tans. She also asked her fans if they liked the leopard look on her. As expected, the consensus was a resounding yes.

“Oh yes, a real tigress you are really beautiful,” commented one fan.

“OMG Yes! Absolutely…you look so gorgeous in this! Love this!” said a second fan.

“You look amazing in that dress,” wrote a third admirer with fire and smiley face emoji.

There aren’t too many outfits that Hilde doesn’t look amazing in. From bikinis to skimpy shorts, the beauty knows how to work the camera. One of her more popular posts over the summer showed her wearing a tight blue dress as she climbed a set of stairs leading into the room she stayed in while visiting Bali. But the stunner can make just about everything look good — including a long-sleeved pajama top.