Colton Underwood Reveals Why He’s Still Not Engaged Or Living With Cassie Randolph 1 Year After ‘The Bachelor’

Colton Underwood says he still has no plans to move in with girlfriend Cassie Randolph, despite the fact that they have now been a couple for a full year. In a new interview, The Bachelor star explained that while he and his final lady are very much in love, living apart works best for them right now as they continue with a slow-paced relationship after meeting on the fast-paced dating show.

Colton and Cassie wrapped filming on The Bachelor in November 2018. The season focused heavily on 27-year-old Colton’s virginity. Fans of the ABC reality show know that after a headline-making, fence-jumping scene in which Colton nearly quit the show over Cassie’s reluctance to jump into an engagement, the two decided to leave the show as a couple and continue dating off-camera. Since that time, Colton and Cassie have been taking things very slow.

In a new interview with Hollywood Life, Colton explained why he and Cassie still have no plans to move in together or get engaged.

“We travel so much, so we’re always around each other and together. It’s good, right now, for our relationship, to not be there yet, you know? We’re taking things step by step. We’ll get there, though. We’re taking out time to make it all work out and be right for both of us.”

Colton described his relationship with Cassie as “reverse dating.”

After the speed dating format of The Bachelor, in which they dove into “the deep stuff and the hard questions” first, the two are now finding out “the little things” about each other.

Colton joked that Cassie now knows what a klutz he is, and he knows that she’s a salt junkie. The former NFL player added that the two enjoy an open and honest relationship with a lot of communication.

Fans of The Bachelor couple know that both Colton and Cassie relocated to Los Angeles earlier this year, but that they moved into separate places, which is a rare move for a post-Bachelor couple. Cassie even noted that Caelynn Miller-Keyes, one of Colton’s Bachelor exes, was living in her building. Colton, meanwhile, moved to L.A. from Denver to be closer to Cassie, but not too close. The two have had to defend against breakup rumors due to their living situation and slow-paced romance.

While the lovebirds left The Bachelor with no proposal and no Neil Lane diamond ring, Colton told People that everything will come in due time.

“She doesn’t have a ring on her finger yet,” Colton told the celebrity magazine. “But she will, one day.”

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