'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Gives Advice To Younger Self, Reveals Current Goals Including Law School

Kailyn Lowry may appear on the reality show Teen Mom 2, but the mom-of-three recently revealed some of her current goals, including getting into law school.

Over the weekend, Kail jumped on Twitter for a question and answer session with her followers. Many of her followers sent her questions, but she only answered a few. One question posed to the reality show star was what some of her current goals are.

Kail replied, "To do well on the LSAT, get into law school, grow Coffee Convos and possibly turn it into a web series and keep growing@potheadhair."

Coffee Convos is her successful podcast with Lindsie Chrisley and Pothead hair care is her line of hair products, both things that fans know are important to the mom-of-three. It was the addition of law school that had some fans shocked. While most know she has a college degree and has even written a few books, law school wasn't something that fans remembered her being interested in before.

Immediately, fans had questions about her law school goal including wondering what kind of law she intends on practicing. Others wondered what enticed the Teen Mom 2 star to want to get into law. Many noted how ambitious it is of Kail to set her sights on law school and many applauded her for her goal, wishing her luck. She received over 400 likes on the Tweet.

Kail earned her bachelor's degree from Delaware State University two years ago. At the time, she spoke to E! News about the accomplishment and revealed that she planned on furthering her education.

"It's been a long and emotional journey, especially without any support from my parents, but I'm so happy and relieved!" Kail exclaimed.

Kail noted that it took her six years to earn her degree. Over that time, she dealt with being a reality television show, marriage, divorce, and moving, all while raising her sons.

Aside from revealing her current goals, Kailyn was also asked what advice she would give to her younger self and she got candid with her reply on Twitter.

"Not everything needs a reaction, learn patience sooner in life, tame my aggression, go to therapy WAY sooner!" Kail said.

Kailyn recently revealed that she started therapy and many of her followers supported her decision. It seems that her followers liked Kail's advice to her younger self as the Tweet had 197 likes and a couple of retweets.