Tamra Judge Encourages Meghan King Edmonds To ‘Stay Strong’ After Rumors Of Jim Edmonds’ Alleged Cheating

Tamra Judge wants her former Real Housewives of Orange County co-star, Meghan King Edmonds, to stay strong amid rumors claiming she accused her husband, baseball legend Jim Edmonds, of cheating on her with one of their four nannies.

On November 4, Tamra took to her Instagram page, where she shared a photo of herself and Meghan and told the mother of three to “stay strong” and that she loved her. In the same post, Tamra told her fans and followers they could read more about her thoughts on the drama surrounding Meghan and Jim in the link she shared in her bio.

After clicking on Tamra’s link, her followers are taken to an article that featured her initial comment about the scandal. As fans may have seen at the end of last month, Tamra sent “big hugs” to Meghan after learning her husband may have cheated and added that she was a “strong woman.”

Following Jim’s divorce filing over a week ago, an insider claimed Meghan had called the cops on him after suspecting he was involved with the nanny.

“The nanny is someone who has worked for them for years and is like family,” a source told Us Weekly magazine.

“During the argument, Meghan called the cops, but nothing came of it. Jim didn’t put his hands on her. The police chalked it up to a verbal dispute. No arrests were made.”


As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jim shared a statement with Us Weekly magazine last week that suggested he and Meghan may be giving their marriage yet another chance after their second scandal in just month’s time.

As fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County will recall, Meghan opted to forgive Jim earlier this year after he was caught sending inappropriate videos, messages, and photos to another woman via text message.

“It saddens me tremendously that my wife is hurt,” he admitted.

“We both carry an extremely large load and most of our issues could have been worked out if we had more time for us. With our busy careers and the addition of our son’s medical needs, we were lacking quality time together.”

In closing, Jim said that after building a foundation of “distrust,” he was ready to make things right with wife Meghan once again.

“I love my family and will make it right again,” he vowed.

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