Kyle Richards Makes Instagram Debut As All-Grown-Up ‘Halloween Kills’ Character Lindsey Wallace

Kyle Richards has come full circle with the character she played in the 1978 horror movie, Halloween. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has completed filming the sequel to the film, titled Halloween Kills, and the first images from her return as the character Lindsey Wallace are making the rounds on social media.

Now that the highly-anticipated sequel has finally wrapped, the official Halloween movie Instagram account posted an image of Richards and fellow cast members Anthony Michael Hall and Nancy Stephens in what looks like a concerning moment in the film.

In the photo, the three characters are looking ahead at something, and they all have concerned expressions on their faces. People in the background are also staring off into the distance at something that probably isn’t good, and Hall appears to be angry. Richards, now 50, is wearing her hair long with bangs, just as she did when she first played Lindsey 41 years ago.

While Richards and Stephens are reprising their 1978 roles — Stephens is back as original Halloween character Nurse Marion Chambers, per Entertainment Weekly— Hall is on board as Tommy Doyle, a now-grown-up character originally played by child actor Brian Andrews in John Carpenter’s first movie in the franchise.

Halloween fans hit the comments section of the post to react to the firsts-look photo.

“The first image makes me really happy,” one fan wrote.

“[Kyle Richards] so excited seeing you in this shot. Can’t wait to see Lindsey Wallace again,” another added.

“Holy crap, does Nurse Chambers’ actress ever age?” a third fan wrote.

Other fans speculated on the circumstances of the scene. Some thought it looked like the group was at a community meeting to talk about finding killer Michael Myers or listen to the history of his crimes.

Hall also posted a montage of photos from Halloween Kills featuring veteran star Jamie Lee Curtis and the masked Michael Myers character, played by James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle in various incarnations.

In September, Richards confirmed to fans that she would reprise the role of Lindsey Wallace in the Halloween Kills sequel. Richards was just eight years old when she originally played the character, who was a babysitting charge of Laurie Strode (Curtis) after the child’s main babysitter was killed by Michael Myers as part of his murder spree.

Shortly after her involvement in the sequel was announced, Richards told ET it was “really kind of wild” and “a little scary” to reprise the role.

“After all of these years to be bringing back my role in the movie Halloween is really exciting,” she said.

Following the success of last year’s Halloween revival, Halloween Kills will be released in theaters on October 16, 2020, and will be followed by the final film in the trilogy, Halloween Ends, which is due out in October 2021.

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