‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: Chelsea Risks Everything For Her Family

The Young and the Restless spoilers weekly video preview brings a week filled with turmoil for Kyle as the rest of his family welcomes Theo into its fold. Plus, Chelsea faces a nightmare scenario when Simon goes after her son, and she vows to make him regret his actions.

Kyle (Michael Mealor) learns that Theo (Tyler Johnson) is his cousin. Jack (Peter Bergman) isn’t inclined to listen to Kyle’s complaints, though. He tells Kyle in no uncertain terms that he will ensure that Theo is welcomed to the family.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Theo wants to meet Dina (Marla Adams), so Jack sets it up, and the two connect. However, Dina believes that Theo is his dad, Eric Vanderway, who was her son that she put up for adoption.

While Lola (Sasha Calle) and Jack (Peter Bergman) aren’t willing to listen to Kyle and his reservations about Theo, there is one person in Kyle’s family who does. Billy (Jason Thompson) agrees with Kyle that Theo is up to no good. Although Billy and Kyle have found themselves at odds recently over their duties at Jabot, Billy is actually on Kyle’s side when it comes to Theo. In fact, Billy warns Kyle that Theo is a threat.

Meanwhile, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) struggles to find a way to give Simon Black (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) his half of Calvin’s money. After she got the bags filled with cash, Chelsea ended up asking Kevin (Greg Rikaart) to launder the money for her. Although he was hesitant, he agreed to help her out.

Now, the money is tied up in an investigation, and Chelsea cannot get her hands on it to pay off Simon. None of that matters to Simon, though. He gives Chelsea 24 hours to get him his cash, and she struggles to figure out how to get that much money together in such little time.

However, Simon thinks he can help Chelsea move more quickly by making a threat. Simon holds up his cell phone and shows Chelsea a picture of Connor (Judah Mackey), and he tells her that if she doesn’t get him what he’s owed, then Connor will pay.

That is enough to spur Chelsea on, but it’s not in the way that Simon might hope. Instead of doing whatever she can to get the money together, Chelsea makes a vow to make Simon burn. She plans to get back at him for threatening Connor like that.