After Video Showed Donald Trump Booed At UFC Event, His Son, Eric, Claims Crowd Was Actually Chanting For Him

Eric Trump seems to have a very different perspective on his dad’s contentious visit to the UFC 244 event on Saturday in New York City than just about everyone else.

The president returned to his onetime home in Manhattan to attend the UFC showcase at Madison Square Garden, sitting near ringside as a guest of UFC President Dana White. Video from the event showed that Trump was loudly booed as he made his way to his seat, with many fans capturing footage of the jeers that at times grew deafening.

But Eric gave a different account when he took to Twitter report on the event. The son of President Donald Trump and head of the Trump Organization shared a photo that he took from ringside and a caption that claimed that crowd was chanting in favor of his dad, not booing him.

Nearly all available evidence seems to disagree with Eric, though it is possible that a smaller group of Trump supporters could have tried to counter the booing with some more positive chants aimed directly at the president.

Whatever the case, Eric Trump’s Twitter post earned plenty of mockery, with many jumping into the comments section to make sure he knew just how badly his dad was received by the crowd.

“All I hear is #LockHimUp,” one person responded, referring to the chants that reportedly broke out.

Trump was met with similar chants earlier in the week when he visited Nationals Park for Game 5 of the World Series. The baseball crowd was even louder than the MMA fans, meeting Trump with loud boos when he was shown on the stadium’s video screen.

Eric Trump wasn’t the only one apparently trying to create a new narrative about President Trump’s UFC 244 visit. On Sunday morning, viewers of Fox & Friends were told that the crowd was actually showing its appreciation for “the brawler style of a brawler president.”

As Business Insider noted, guest Ed Henry said that the crowd was actually cheering Trump, and called out news outlets that reported on the boos that were seen on nearly every video from inside UFC 244.

“There are some media outlets that are saying they mostly heard boos. This has become so juvenile,” he said. “If you actually listen to the audio and the video, there clearly were a ton of cheers. And who cares? The president was clearly trying to have a fun night.”

As Media Matters reported, a Fox News segment earlier in the week seemed to do the same with Trump’s World Series visit, apparently editing out the loud boos in a video from Trump’s appearance.