Taylor Swift Praises Jameela Jamil, Who Has Long Criticized The Kardashian Family

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Actress Jameela Jamil of The Good Place has been known to be outspoken regarding political and social issues. At times, she has even slammed the Kardashian family whom she believes has established a false idea of what women’s bodies should look like through cosmetic procedures and heavy photo editing. While her remarks have been deemed controversial by many, she has a supporter in Taylor Swift, according to Yahoo News.

Swift is all about women feeling confident in their own skin and is trying to fight the unrealistic standards that she feels have been promoted by the media. Thus, she couldn’t wait to join Jamil’s effort to spread the body neutrality movement. During a recent interview, the singer praised Jamil for her efforts in destroying the perception that a woman must look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful.

“Thank God we’ve had #MeToo movements and moments where we’re looking at ourselves as a society and we’re looking at internalized misogyny. We’re looking at the way we treat critiquing women’s bodies. We have amazing women out there like Jameela Jamil saying, ‘I’m not trying to spread body positivity. I’m trying to spread body neutrality where I can sit here and not think about what my body is looking like’.”

What many find interesting in regards to Swift’s support of Jamil is that both celebrities essentially share a common enemy. While Jamil has been known to slam the Kardashians, Swift too is simply not on good terms with the family. Swift’s feud with the Kardashians originated with Kim Kardashian’s husband, rapper Kanye West. The pair have been known to be enemies since the 2009 VMA’s when he ripped the microphone out of Swift’s hand when she was in the middle of an acceptance speech after receiving the award for best female video for her song “You Belong with Me.”

The feud was further intensified in 2o16 when West released a song called “Famous” in which he claims to be the reason behind Swift becoming famous all because of that viral awkward moment at the award ceremony. While he insisted that she gave permission for the controversial lyrics to be released, she claimed otherwise, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Kardashian then tried to defend her husband by releasing a private phone call between Swift and West in which the singer appears to give consent to the way West references her name in his music.