Miley Cyrus Dances On The Floor With Her Sister, Noah, And Her Mother, Tish, In Instagram Video

Christopher PolkGetty Images for iHeartMedia

Miley Cyrus doesn’t do a lot of choreography during her concerts, but she just proved that she and two of her family members can perform coordinated dance moves together. In an Instagram video that she uploaded on Sunday, the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer is putting on a performance with her younger sister, Noah, and her mother, Tish. Most of it takes place on the floor.

At the beginning of the video, the three Cyrus women are all lying on their backs. Someone can be heard counting as they kick their legs in the air to the beat of the Bob Marley song, “Could You Be Loved.” Miley Cyrus, 26, is rocking a pair of light gray sweatpants and a darker sweatshirt. She keeps looking at the camera throughout their performance.

Noah Cyrus, 19, is wearing a tie dye T-shirt and black sweatpants. Noah and Miley’s 52-year-old mother, Tish, is showing off her svelte figure in a form-fitting black tank top and black athletic pants.

After performing a few kicks, the trio of women roll over and begin crawling around on the floor. They then proceed to get up on their knees, repeating the word “lick” as they pretend to lick the backs of their hands. They rhythmically perform this movement as they stand up. Once they’re on their feet, the video ends.

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3 generations of choreo

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In the caption of the video, Miley erroneously stated that she, her sister, and her mom were demonstrating “3 generations of choreo.” A few of Miley’s followers noticed her mistake.

“I was looking for a baby or grandma in this video,” wrote one fan.

Others responded with praise for their performance, but some of Miley Cyrus’ 100 million Instagram followers weren’t quite sure what to make of her family dance practice.

“Wtf did I just watch,” wrote one fan.

“What are u doing here Miley?” another asked.

However, instead of asking for an explanation, a large number of fans expressed a desire to join the talented Cyrus family.

“Literally adopt me into the family I’m BEGGING,” remarked one admirer.

Miley Cyrus shared a second dance video that only starred one generation of Cyrus women: she and Noah. They were wearing different outfits, and they performed a longer version of the dance routine by adding a number of standing moves that included an Egyptian walk.

Someone off-camera can be heard telling the girls that they’re taking their dancing too seriously, which makes Miley laugh. A different member of the sisters’ small audience, which also included a curious canine, tells Noah to point her toes.

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constant choreo w @noahcyrus

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These aren’t the only silly videos that Miley has shared on Instagram lately. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another recent Instagram video shows her demonstrating her flexibility by squeezing inside a dryer and waiting for her boyfriend, Australian musician Cody Simpson, to find her.