Fitness Model Jen Selter Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Instagram Vs. Reality As She Attempted Sunset Photo Shoot

Jen Selter is showing her fans the difference between Instagram and reality as she attempted a sunset photo shoot.

The fitness model took to Instagram this weekend to share a series of pictures of herself on the beach, with the setting sun casting long shadows on the sand. Selter wore a serious look in the first photo, with her hand casting a shadow over her face as she held up the camera to take the snap. Her expression looked composed enough, but the series got more difficult from there. In the next shot, Selter squinted her eyes as the bright sun was too much for her to take in. But in the third picture, her eyes were completely closed.

In the caption, Jen asked for some help from fans on how to take a "golden hour selfie" without her eyes "bugginnnn" out of her head.

Fans seemed pretty supportive, not seeming to mind the less-than-perfect photos.

"You look beautiful in every shot you take," one person shared.

"Love your eyes," another added.

But some did take a crack at explaining how Instagram models are able to take such perfect-looking sunset photos, suggesting that they just deal with the discomfort in the name of getting a great shot.

"I'm convinced they just let their eyes burn from the rays of the sun. It's the only answer," one person offered.

The sunset photos were a bit of a change from the rest of Jen's feed, which is carefully curated by the fitness model. Selter's Instagram photos include a number of perfectly posed shots, showing the model going through her rigorous workout routine and showing off the fruits of her labors as she sports skimpy swimwear and form-fitting attire.

Selter's beachside photo was a bit of a departure, as she wore a large white sweater and showed herself mostly from the shoulders up as she stood on the Los Angeles beach. It's not clear exactly where the photo was taken, but it showed a steep hillside in the background with a small grouping of trees. Jen seemed to have the beach to herself, with no one else in the hundreds of yards of sand behind her.

Selter also joined in on a growing trend among Instagram models to give their followers a glimpse of how unnatural their photos can actually be. Earlier this month, fellow model Pamela Alexandra posted an Instagram video showing the stark differences between her normal posture and the awkward poses she strikes for her Instagram photos.