‘The Challenge: War Of The Worlds 2’ Spoilers: Two Purges Coming That Send Six Cast Members Home


Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for The Challenge War of the Worlds 2.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 is already halfway through its airing, and with the exception of disqualifications and quitters, one cast member has gone home each episode due to an elimination. Three episodes from now will see the season’s first purge, which will be followed up by a second purge just before the finale. The Challenge Vevmo page has the eliminations from Season 34 all lined out, and it looks like six cast members will be going home without ever entering the Proving Ground.

The next episode will see Theo Campbell sent packing. This will be the Brit’s fourth elimination, but he will ultimately be sent home by Jordan Wiseley. Jordan will join Team U.K. as a turncoat, making him the second player of the season to do so. In the following episode, Jenny West will be sent home after being beaten by Tori Deal in an elimination round.

In three episodes, there will be some form of competition where the remaining cast members will pair up. It looks like the teams will be male/female pairings and this will be the first purge of the season. In what is being described as a water challenge, whichever pair comes in last place will immediately be sent home without being given the chance to save themselves in an elimination.

Joss Mooney and Kayleigh Morris will be the duo eliminated in the first purge. Coincidentally, Joss and Kayleigh were the pair that betrayed Georgia Harrison in last Wednesday’s episode by blindsiding her with a vote sending her into elimination and eventually, home.

After Joss and Kayleigh are gone, there will be two more normal eliminations that will see Nany Gonzalez and Josh Martinez leave after losing on the Proving Ground to Ashley Mitchell and Jordan. These will be the last elimination rounds of the season, but a second purge will send home four competitors just before the final challenge.

Tori, Kam Williams, Ashley Mitchell, and Leroy Garrett will all lose a puzzle competition, making them ineligible to compete in the final. This will leave two teams of four to battle it out for first place. Team U.K. will consist of Jordan, Chris “CT” Tamburello, Rogan O’Connor, and Dee Nguyen, which ironically only has one British player. Team U.S. will house Paulie Calafiore, Cara Maria Sorbello, Zach Nichols, and Natalie “Ninja” Duran and the foursome will end up taking home second place.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.