Bon Jovi’s New Single ‘Unbroken’ To Benefit Patriotic Dog Foundation

Bon Jovi has just released a new single titled “Unbroken,” which the band wrote for Josh Aronson’s documentary To Be of Service. Proceeds from the tune will benefit the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.

Rolling Stone reported that the single will appear on the band’s upcoming album Bon Jovi 2020.

To Be of Service, which the outlet noted will screen in theaters around the United States in November, follows war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and shows the positive impact of soldiers being paired with service dogs. The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation is a nonprofit that provides service dogs to veterans and first responders.

Jon Bon Jovi wrote the song from the point of view from a young soldier who tells of his experiences in a war zone and how he has dealt with a readjustment back into civilian life. On Instagram, Jon posted a short video encouraging his fans to download the tune for the worthy cause and to bring much-needed awareness to our servicemen and women in need.

“This song, ‘Unbroken,’ I wrote for the film To Be of Service. It is about soldiers returning from war and dealing with PTSD,” Jon explained in a personal statement on the social media site. “It will also be featured on our forthcoming record Bon Jovi 2020, coming in the spring. I hope you like it.”

The band also posted a link to the song and its accompanying cover art on its official Twitter account.

Fans were thrilled to hear of new music from the band and humbled by the musician’s continuing philanthropic efforts, which also included his work with the Soul Foundation and his New Jersey eatery Soul Kitchen, which provide healthy and filling meals to those in need.

“I love it. Such a very well written song,” said one fan.

Another fan commented, “Thank you for this song.”

A third Instagram user remarked, “I LOVE it, Jon! Lost the count how many times I listened.”

The Inquisitr reported in March of this year that Bon Jovi had traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, to record music for their upcoming album, the band’s first release since 2016’s This House is Not For Sale.

The singer teased fans with an Instagram Live video showing the band back in the recording studio, creating what appeared to be new music in an exciting new setting. The quick clip panned on each member of the band as they worked together at Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studio.

This was the second time in the band’s history that they worked in Music City. The last time the band recorded in Nashville was in sessions for their successful crossover album Lost Highway, released in 2007. The album, which was recorded at Blackbird Studios, contained the smash hit, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”

The song was released with two versions. One featured the members of Bon Jovi singing all the vocals. The other was a collaboration with Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles, who provided a nice contrast to Jon Bon Jovi as they duetted on the smash hit tune.

Bon Jovi 2020 is set to be released in the spring of 2020.