Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Ava’s Shaken By Nikolas’ Appearance & Jax Closes In On The Codicil

Craig SjodinABC

Viewers will not want to miss Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers hint that there’s plenty more on the way regarding the return of Nikolas Cassadine, and Ava Jerome will be quite rattled by this confrontation. In addition, the November 1 show will contain some progress related to the search for Mikkos’ codicil, and teasers have suggested that there are twists and turns on the way with this hunt.

As fans saw at the end of Thursday’s episode, it has finally been revealed that Nikolas is alive and is the person who has been following Ava. The sneak peek for Friday’s show suggests that Ava may faint in reaction to seeing the supposedly-dead Cassadine, but as soon as she regains consciousness, she’ll be anxious to talk to him.

Will Nikolas still be there at Ava’s gallery or will he take off to try to remain hidden? At this point, General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything specific about what happens next with Nikolas. However, it doesn’t look as if the writers are going to be pulling a trick on viewers by making this something that Ava imagined.

Laura saw this masked stranger, and she clearly was struck by something familiar regarding him, so now it’s not only Ava who has seen this mysterious person hanging around Port Charles. In addition, actor Marcus Coloma, the new Nikolas, has been hyping this big development via his Instagram page and says he’s excited to finally be able to be open about this.

Fans would likely revolt at this point if this Nikolas return turned out to be a stunt and he wasn’t there after all. Luckily, General Hospital spoilers seem to indicate that this return is for real and will really turn things upside-down throughout Port Charles.

Many have wondered if Jasper Jax and Hayden Barnes already know about Cassadine being alive. If they were working with Nik on trying to find Mikkos’ codicil, that information should become apparent soon. Not only that, but it certainly appears that Cassandra knows about Nik and has been working with him.

The hunt for that codicil continues with Friday’s episode as well. Laura Spencer Collins and Kevin Collins think the painting of Helena Cassadine contains clues regarding the document, and General Hospital spoilers share that Jax will make a phone call about that painting. Valentin is starting to realize that there’s some reason Laura really wants the painting he got rid of, and Ava’s picked up on all of this interest as well.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Laura will be feeling some doubts about something during Friday’s show, and this is surely related to Nikolas or the portrait situation in some way. Fans may not know how all of these tidbits piece together quite yet, but General Hospital spoilers tease that this next show should provide much-needed context.