Mariah Carey Kicks Off The Christmas Season With Hilarious Video: ‘It’s Time’

Mariah Carey has declared that it’s time to start playing Christmas music.

The legendary pop superstar, who is well-known for her love of the season, made the proclamation via a hilarious video she posted to her official Instagram and Twitter pages. In the clip, Mariah goes to sleep on Halloween night dressed up as an ’80s glam rock musician in a teased blond wig, black bodysuit, and heavy makeup. But when the clock strikes 12 on November 1, she wakes up in Christmas-themed pajamas. The wig and makeup are nowhere to be found.

The phone rings and her caller ID reveals that the singer has received a call from Santa Claus.

“Santa, it’s time!” she says before squealing in delight.

Then you hear the opening chords of Mariah’s signature Christmas classic, “All I Want For Christmas.”

In the comments, fans seemed equally excited about the prospect of hearing Christmas music.

“This is what I been waiting for‼️” one fan wrote.

“Yasssss Finally let’s get Festive,” another added.

“YESS THE TIME HAS COMEEEE,” a third Instagram user commented.

“The wait is over! This is the best,” a fourth person gushed. “I love you!!!”

Even Mariah Carey’s boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, shared his excitement in the comments section by repeating the words she said in the video.

For most of October, Mariah had been telling fans that it was too soon to be playing Christmas music. In each of those social media posts, she’d use the hashtag #notyet and hinted that she’d reveal the date when it would be acceptable.

In a tweet posted on October 5, she’s at the dentist when he asks if Christmas music would be appropriate.

“Not yet,” she replies with a coy look at the camera.

In another Twitter video posted on October 13, she’s in a recording studio playing with a dog when Bryan comes in and says she needs to listen to a Christmas song on the radio.

“Noooo,” she playfully whines. “Not yet.”

You may be wondering why Mariah is promoting a song that has become a staple on Christmas playlists. In a previous Instagram post, she announced that she’s selling new “All I Want For Christmas” singles this year and that they’re available for pre-order. In the caption, she promised fans that they’d receive them just before Christmas.

She has also released a new video for the song that’s basically very similar to the older version but includes unreleased footage.

Fans of Mariah Carey can keep up with her updates during the Christmas season by following her on Instagram and/or Twitter.

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