John Stamos Dresses As An Iconic ‘Coco’ Character For Halloween As His Young Son Looks At Him In Awe

John Stamos gave his son a dose of Disney for Halloween. In honor of the October holiday, the Fuller House star dressed up as the main antagonist from the 2017 film, Coco, and his 1-year-old son Billy looked mesmerized by his famous dad’s transformation.

Stamos, 56, wore a white suit, but he wasn’t Vegas-era Elvis this year. Instead, the actor added a sombrero, a mustache, and some pretty impressive makeup to transform himself into musical Disney villain Ernesto de la Cruz. In a sweet post on Instagram, the actor posed holding his son, who looked at him in awe as he tried to figure out who he was. In the caption to his post, Stamos teased that he was indeed the greatest musician of all time.

Fans and famous friends took to Instagram to comment on Stamos’ post with clapping hands and heart emoji.

“Okay best costume ever!” one fan wrote.

“Do you sing mariachi music?” another asked.

But other fans zeroed in on baby Billy’s adorable expression as he looked at his costumed dad with confusion.

“I love how he’s looking at you,” an Instagram fan wrote to Stamos.

“Look at the way he is looking at you lol,” another added.

In a separate Instagram post, Stamos’ wife, Caitlin McHugh, posed in her own Coco-themed costume, which included a dress that she sewed herself. In a caption to a photo alongside Stamos’ Ernesto, McHugh revealed that little Billy is obsessed with the film Coco, which prompted the whole family to dress up as characters from the movie for Halloween.

The Stamos family loves Disney, so the Coco connection is not a huge surprise. John even proposed to Caitlin at the California theme park with the help of clips from Disney movies, and the family has posed for pics at Disneyland with baby Billy in the past. Stamos also hosted the Candlelight Procession at Walt Disney World in Orlando last year.

The wealthy star also owns vintage Disney memorabilia, including the original Disneyland sign which consists of ten 14-by-7 foot individual letters, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Billy can get ready for another Disney moment with his dad next week. Stamos is set to play Chef Louie in the upcoming musical special, The Little Mermaid Live, which airs Tuesday, November 5 on ABC, in honor of the original Disney film’s 30th anniversary. Billy will get to hear his dad’s famous voice come out of the usually-animated character, so expect some more confused looks coming soon.

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