‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cam & Joss Face Consequences For Drinking At Halloween Party

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, November 1, will see the aftermath of a bad decision that both Cameron and Josslyn made at the Halloween party on the Haunted Star. They both got caught drinking and now the teens are about to face their angry and disappointed moms.

Both Joss and Cam have lost someone they love. She is still dealing with Oscar’s death, while Cameron just lost the father figure that he never thought he needed until now. On Thursday’s show, Cam brought some booze that he took from Sonny’s stash and threw it into a soda bottle, smuggling it into the party. Once there, he offered some to Joss and she took it. They were pretty drunk out on the deck of the boat. After Dustin and Lulu caught Joss throwing up, they realized what had happened. SheKnows Soaps indicates that on Friday, Joss will face the music, and it isn’t expected to be pretty.

Cam will be feeling the heat on Friday’s General Hospital as well. Dev found his friend after he knocked over a candy dish and fell to the floor and realized that he was drunk. The previews showed Dustin standing over the boys, catching Cam in the act.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Elizabeth will be getting a call. There is no doubt that she will soon learn about her son’s Halloween drinking binge. Liz is going through a lot. She has just lost her husband and she won’t be too happy having Cam get into trouble as well. She has a lot on her plate right now and may not be so understanding this time.

As The Inquisitr had detailed recently, Liz and Cam’s hearts were broken by the judges’ ruling in the Franco Baldwin case. She ruled that he was mentally competent to live his own life as he chooses. Unfortunately, he chooses to not be Franco, but Drew Cain. Now Cameron is acting out, wanting to forget the pain he is in, and so is Josslyn. The two had drifted apart for a while, but now that they are drinking buddies for a day, they ended up getting a bit closer.

In her drunken state, Joss did admit to Cam that she appreciated what a good friend he has been to her. It’s no secret that he has been smitten with Joss, even before she started dating Oscar. He would love to tell her how he feels, and it almost looked like they were about to kiss, but Joss instead just leaned on his shoulder.

Watch General Hospital on Friday to see Liz and Carly’s reactions to their kids getting drunk.

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