‘General Hospital’ Fans Speculate About Nikolas Cassadine Return, Spoilers Suggest A Bombshell’s About To Drop

Spoilers for General Hospital have teased that Ava Jerome’s stalker will be revealed this week, and fans seem convinced that this is how the show will reveal that Nikolas Cassadine is still alive. The GH writers have been seemingly hinting at this for months, and viewers have been intensively hunting for clues this week.

Ever since Nikolas “died,” fans have speculated that he would return at some point. Actor Tyler Christopher played the Cassadine heir on-and-off for many years, but Nick Stabile was acting as Nik when the character was killed off.

As of last June, Tyler said that he would be open to returning to General Hospital. However, he insisted that there had been no official talks about such a thing happening. Despite that, clues continue to drop in various GH episodes hinting that Nik might soon pop up alive in Port Charles.

Fans seem consistent in their thinking that it’s Nik who is following Ava. General Hospital spoilers for this week have indicated that Ava will confront the person who has been following her and that the identity of this person will be revealed.

If this person isn’t Nikolas, there aren’t really any logical, obvious alternatives. Not only that, but it would seem that the writers will likely face some major backlash if they’ve built all of this up with Ava just to have it be someone unknown or a backburner character who is keeping tabs on Ava.


If it is indeed Nikolas involved in this, will it be Tyler back in the role? If it is, the show has been quite successful in keeping it under wraps. General Hospital fans have noticed that Christopher hasn’t posted a single thing on either his Instagram or Twitter page since early August, which seems to signal something.

Staying away from social media to this extent is unusual for Tyler, and that definitely has some General Hospital fans suspicious. Granted, there’s no knowing for certain why he’s been away.

Has Christopher stayed off of social media because he is heading back to GH and he’s laying low to avoid spoiling it? Is there someone else taking over the role, so he’s just avoiding any questions? Could he have something else personal or professional going on in his life that necessitates some distance from social media?

Most General Hospital fans seem to want Tyler back in the role. However, some people on Twitter have suggested that Daniel Goddard, who is exiting the role of Cane Ashby on The Young and the Restless, could be a great fit as a recast.

Some other General Hospital viewers have tossed out the idea of actor Jacob Young coming in as a recast. Young departed The Bold and the Beautiful a while back and previously played Lucky Spencer on GH.

Based on the latest buzz across Twitter, it looks as if many General Hospital viewers are bracing themselves for the return of Nikolas but with a recast rather than Tyler.


Another name that has seemingly surfaced among the rumors across Twitter is that of Jason-Shane Scott, who played Brad on The Bay and Will on One Life to Live. However, some eagle-eyed fans have compared features between Scott and the person behind the mask following Ava and feel that this one isn’t a match.

Is General Hospital finally bringing Nikolas Cassadine back to Port Charles, or will the writers throw something completely different at fans? Will it be a recast rather than Tyler Christopher, as the latest rumors seem to suggest? Spoilers suggest that the wait will be over soon, one way or another, and viewers are anxious for answers.