Only Half Of Republicans Think Donald Trump Is Honest, But 85 Percent Approve Of His Work

Donald Trump’s supporters believe that while he may not always be honest in his work, the president is doing a good job in the White House. A recent poll from The Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that Republicans seem to have some negative opinions about Trump while still believing that he is an effective president.

“While Republicans remain overwhelmingly supportive of the president’s job performance, they are slightly less positive about his honesty, his discipline, and his respect for the country’s democratic institutions and traditions,” the pollsters reported.

According to the poll, 85 percent of Republicans say that Trump stands up for what he believes, and 69 percent think that he is a strong leader. Only about half — 53 percent — of self-described Republicans say that he is honest, and just 39 percent think that he is disciplined.

On the other hand, when it comes to Trump’s personal qualities, Democrats are predictably in opposition to Republicans. Only 34 percent say that he stands up for what he believes and a mere eight percent think that he is a strong leader. A scant three percent call Trump honest in his dealings, and just four percent think he is disciplined. An overwhelming 85 percent of Democrats say he isn’t disciplined at all, and 89 percent don’t believe that he is honest.

“Americans have mixed opinions when asked to assess Trump’s personal qualities. A majority see Trump as someone who stands up for what he believes in. Fewer describe Trump as a strong leader, and someone who is honest or disciplined. Again, Republicans are more likely to have a more favorable view of Trump’s qualities than Democrats, but they are not enormously positive about his honesty or discipline,” the report detailed.

Independents show a picture that is somewhere down the middle, with 43 percent saying Trump is extremely likely to stand up for what he believes, and 22 percent say that he is a strong leader. Only 16 percent think that he is honest, and 17 percent believe that he is disciplined.

When it comes to how Trump makes people feel, 65 percent of Republicans say that they are proud, while 77 percent of Democrats say they are angry. Fifty-eight percent of Republicans are excited by the president, while 60 percent of Democrats feel overwhelmed.

The poll found that Trump’s overall approval rating tracks with what similar polls have found recently. Of the people polled, 56 percent disapproved of the job he is doing and 42 percent approve. When it comes to foreign policy, the numbers are worse, with only 38 percent showing support and 59 percent disapproving of his work.

The poll didn’t ask about the impeachment inquiry over Trump’s dealings with Ukraine specifically, but a recent poll shows that a vast majority of Democrats support impeaching the president, while very few Republicans feel the same.