Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Halloween Costume And Asks Fans To Guess Who She's Supposed To Be

Ellen DeGeneres just unveiled her 2019 Halloween costume, but fans of the talk show host are still trying to figure out who she's supposed to be.

On Wednesday, the 61-year-old host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her costume. She was pictured rocking an almost all-black ensemble that includes a mini dress with a sparkly lace-up detail on the front and two circular silver embellishments on the bust. Ellen is wearing large prosthetic breasts that look rather realistic as they bust out of the crisscross straps of her bedazzled dress. The garment also features V-shaped glittering trim on the front that drips with long black fringe.

Ellen's eye-catching outfit includes a shiny black jacket trimmed in rhinestones or silver sequins. She's also wearing a black bandanna around her neck emblazoned with a sparkly "E." She completed her costume with a pair of black fishnet stockings, lace-up tiger-print booties with chunky high heels, and a long blond wig.

In the caption of her post, Ellen asked her followers to guess who she is supposed to be. One of the most popular suggestions was "Ring" rapper Cardi B -- or, in Ellen's case, "Cardi E." Cardi often performs in sparkly, revealing outfits similar to Ellen's costume, but EllenTube star Kalen Allen dropped a hint that had fans responding with the name of a different famous female musician.

"Just wait until they see the surprise performance!" Allen wrote.

The mention of performance seemed to confirm that Ellen DeGeneres is dressed up like a singer, but the bigger clue included in Allen's comment was a bee emoji. This had fans guessing that Ellen is supposed to be the queen of the Beyhive.

"BEYONCÉ?! Don't EVEN put that bee emoji if it's not. I'll cry," wrote one fan.

However, another pointed out that the bee emoji could also be a reference to the "B" in Cardi B's stage name.

If Kalen Allen had any say in who Ellen DeGeneres was going to dress up as in her costume, Beyonce would probably be at the top of his list. The viral video star, who makes regular appearances on Ellen's talk show, has said that he's a Beyonce specialist, as reported by Seventeen. Kalen likely has inside info on Ellen's Halloween costume because he works for her -- she gave him his own EllenTube show called OMKalen.

If Ellen did dress up like Beyonce, she wouldn't be the only celebrity to do so this year. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ciara also channeled Queen Bey for Halloween.

Ellen DeGeneres usually dresses up like celebrities for Halloween. According to Pop Sugar, she's been Nicki Minaj, a fictional Kardashian sister named Karla, Sofia Vergara suffering a wardrobe malfunction, and a pregnant Jennifer Lopez. Fans will just have to check out the October 31 episode of her show to see who she decided to be this year.