Kate Beckinsale Claims She Once Looked Like Chucky From The ‘Child’s Play’ Movies & Fans Chime In

Kate Beckinsale is getting into the Halloween spirit lately, as she previously shared a photo of herself as Audrey Hepburn’s character in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But in a recent post, the actress suggested that her likeness most resembles one of the most recognized dolls of all time in the horror genre — Chucky from the Child’s Play series.

On Tuesday, Kate shared a side-by-side photo of herself as a toddler, along with a photo of Chucky as he held a blade in his right hand with a crazed look on his face. Meanwhile, Kate’s portrait was arguably much less scary. She smiled in the black-and-white shot and sported a turtleneck under a second, lighter-colored shirt. The photo can’t be shared here, but you can check it out on Kate’s Instagram page.

The joke prompted many of Kate’s followers to respond in the comments section, while the post has received over 37,000 likes so far. Many people went along with the captions.

“You should get ALL the royalties from any chucky film kate.you played him before well before,” exclaimed a follower.

“So then the creators of Chucky stole your Mom’s intellectual property?…,” wondered a fan.

“Chucky grew up nicely! You might say it was….child’s play,” noted an admirer, who seemingly couldn’t help but use a pun.

“Lol You’re cracking me up with your humor. But, you definitely look better than Chucky,” complimented a fourth Instagram user.


The actress is known for her playful social media updates like this one about Chucky. After all, her newest Instagram video was no departure from her usual jokes, as she shared the aftermath of forgetting National Cat Day, which was yesterday.

The short video clip that she shared showed her lying in a bed in a robe, holding something in a white towel. After several seconds, the actress moved the towel slightly, revealing her cat inside. The white-and-gray cat seemed completely at peace, as she petted it with her left hand. Kate’s black manicure could be seen, although not much else was visible thanks to the cropped shot. The video has already been watched over 42,000 times, even though it was just posted 40 minutes ago. The actress, however, seemingly disabled comments for this post.

Fans can look forward to more updates from Kate in the coming days, considering that she’s very active on social media. And although things seemed fun and lighthearted, she took the time to note in a post yesterday that she and her family are safe in the midst of the fires ravaging parts of California, including Los Angeles.