Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Sam’s Got A Pentonville Roommate & Willow Defends Sasha

Craig SjodinABC

Sam McCall is sitting in a jail cell and General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show tease that this situation may get even worse as she gets a roommate. Fans have been speculating about who would end up sharing a cell with Sam as she awaits her bench trial, and now teasers for the October 31 episode reveal that everybody is about to find out.

The sneak peek for Thursday’s episode shows Sam sitting in her cell as a guard brings in her new roommate. Of course, the preview doesn’t reveal who is with the guard, but fans have been speculating about the possibilities.

Previous General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Sam’s upcoming roommate will be someone potentially alarming. Could it be Cassandra Pierce who is put into the cell with Sam?

It is known that actress Jessica Tuck will be back in the thick of things again soon, but she may not be popping up until next week. At this point, it’s not known yet whether Sam’s potentially dangerous roommate is Cassandra, someone else familiar to viewers like perhaps Nelle, or someone random and unknown who will be joining Sam in that cell.

Thursday’s Halloween show will have plenty of action coming on many other fronts too. The teens are hitting up a school dance and Lulu Spencer Falconeri and Dustin Phillips will be there as he’s chaperoning.

The preview for Thursday also showed a brief glimpse of Willow Tait, Nina Reeves, and Sasha Gilmore together. Nina has been drinking quite a bit as this Halloween party gets going and she’s already been snarky with Sasha. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nina will go after Sasha again, but Willow will step in to try to deescalate the tense situation.

Fans have been speculating for months now that perhaps Willow is Nina’s true biological daughter. That storyline angle seemed to fall off the radar after a while, but it could be that Thursday’s show will spark a fresh round of rumors on this front.

SheKnows Soaps notes that viewers will see Hayden and Jax exchanging notes on their mission to find Mikkos’ codicil and Alexis will remain in the hospital. Michael will be frustrated and General Hospital spoilers note that Finn will continue to push Hayden about the complicated situation regarding their daughter.

Thursday’s show brings more with Ava and General Hospital spoilers have signaled that she will be central to the chaos this week. Her stalker will be revealed soon and this Halloween party is supposed to be the backdrop for significant reveals that will have fans buzzing.