Jade Cline Talks 'Teen Mom 2' Drama: 'The Show Should Be About Our Lives'

Following the recent drama at the Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant reunion, Jade Cline is speaking out about the drama on the show and discussing future reunion specials. Talking to Champion Daily, Jade revealed that she feels the show should be more about the cast members' lives rather than drama.

"A lot of people online think it's bullsh*t the show has so much drama. Which I agree, the show should be about our lives, not about stupid a*s drama," Jade explained.

Over the weekend, the cast members of both shows met in New York City to film their respective reunion specials, but things did not go smoothly. When the cast of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant took to the stage, they were asked about Jade, who started on the show, joining Teen Mom 2. Reportedly, cast member Ashley Jones didn't comment on the question and instead insisted that she was asked to join the cast but turned it down. Jade Cline left the stage, but the drama didn't stop. Reportedly, Ashley and her co-star Kayla Sessler ended up getting into an argument as well, but it did not have anything to do with Jade.

In regards to future reunion shows, Jade Cline doesn't have any plans to be on a reunion stage with her former co-star again. She seems to be over the drama entirely and ready to move on from it.

"I'm never associating myself with her again. I'm on a whole other show so I'm sure we will never cross paths. And I'd never except [sic] any apology. She showed her true colors and it is what it is," Jade told the site.

Jade also explained that she and her Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant co-stars didn't want to deal with the drama in the first place.

"Ashley couldn't help but freak out. We all came to the stage ready to reunite and support each other. But Ashley has a whole different agenda," Jade said.

While it seems that Jade doesn't have plans to associate with Ashley in the future, she did reveal that she still talks to her other former co-stars, Kayla Sessler and Brianna Jaramillo.

With the exit of Jade from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, two new cast members were added, Rachel and Kiaya. The girls appear on the all-new season of the show, while Jade filled Jenelle Evans' spot on Teen Mom 2.

Fans can tune in to new episodes of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Tuesday nights on MTV.