Amanda Bynes’ Behavior Still Causing Concerns

amanda bynes behavior

Amanda Bynes’ behavior is still causing concerns. A photo the actress posted on Twitter over the weekend raised more than a few eyebrows. The Bynes’ photo showcases the young woman’s new style choices. The child star that attracted a huge following during her Nickelodeon days now has stiletto shaped fingernails and a cheek piercing.

A flurry of articles asking “What is happening to Amanda Bynes” appeared online not long after the first photo was posted on Twitter. The actress followed up with a second image which showed a second cheek piercing on the other side of her face. She was also adorned with several heavy-looking gold necklaces and a Trapstar cap.

Amanda appeared to be fueled by romantic notions when posting messages on Twitter after sharing the photos. The young star referenced hearts melting together, followed by “our bodies” and souls. The final in a string of love-life related tweets read, “I don’t care who kissed you first, as long as I kiss you last.”

The style changes and body piercings come after Amanda Bynes battled a series of legal woes. The former Nickelodeon star was charged twice for hit-and-run, driving while intoxicated, and driving with a suspended license.

Some Amanda Bynes’ watchers fear the 26-year-old actress is engaged in a potentially dangerous downward spiral. Those who spent a bit of time analyzing the photos often chastised Bynes’ new look. Her wig was compared to Barbie hair, and the length of her allegedly false eyelashes also drew complaints from more than a few viewers.

Leaving the girl next door look behind has some concerned that the actress has leaped off the path to both personal and professional success. Whether or not the actress merely wanted to cast aside her child star persona or is indeed in the midst of a downward spiral remains to be seen.

A recent TMZ report claimed that Amanda Bynes moved out of her NYC apartment after being threatened with eviction. Allegations surrounding frequent marijuana smoking were supposedly the reasons neighbors wanted to send the actress on her way.


Do you consider Amanda Bynes’ new look cause for concern?