Marie Osmond Reveals She'll Go Blond When This Happens, Says She Might Start Wearing Wigs On 'The Talk'

Marie Osmond is known for her long, dark hair, but she's not opposed to the idea of going blond one day. The Talk co-host recently revealed that there's a certain point where she'll go from darker hair to bleached blond locks.

In a new interview, Osmond, who just turned 60, told Closer Weekly that once her hair gets too gray to deal with she'll be down for a blond moment.

"If my hair gets really, really gray and I can't dye it black anymore, I'll go blonde!"
The Donny & Marie star also dished that she had started wearing wigs in public to help disguise herself from paparazzi. Osmond admitted that she sometimes sneaks out in blond or red wigs to throw people off, so that she can peacefully spend time with her family out in public.

Osmond, who started as a permanent co-host on The Talk last month, also revealed that she might debut some of her wigs on the CBS daytime chat fest to change things up.

"I have been thinking about wearing some of those wigs — I have a whole bunch — on 'The Talk.' One of my favorite ones … it looks like 'My Little Pony' -- it has all the colors in it, it's blonde with all these colors."
This isn't the first time Osmond has talked about her secret wig arsenal. During a 2013 interview on The Wendy Williams Show, the Vegas veteran turned up with a blond wig on. Osmond explained to a stunned Williams that she liked to wear wigs in public so she could go out with her kids without attracting attention.

"This is my Mommy hair," Osmond said. "When I go out with my kids, I never go as me… My children only know me as a blonde!"

The star added that she has had every "hair do and don't on the planet" after five decades of performing onstage. She also revealed that when she cut her hair short -- during the height of her fame on the Donny & Marie variety show -- little girls all over the world chopped off the hair on their "Marie" Barbie dolls.

Now that she's on TV every day on The Talk, there's a good chance Marie Osmond will make good on her tease to unearth some of her wigs. Her co-star, Sheryl Underwood, regularly changes the wigs she wears on the show, so Marie will be in good company if she decides to show off some new hairstyles on future episodes.

The Talk airs weekdays on CBS.