Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Reportedly Not Considering A Reconciliation Anymore

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Fans were thrilled after rumors started circulating that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were considering reconciling after breaking up in early October. However, a source close to the couple says that the two are so happy living apart that they aren’t thinking about patching things up.

According to OK Magazine, a source close to the couple says that while there may have been some speculation in the past about whether or not they would get back together, they’ve come to the conclusion that their lives are better apart.

“Kylie and Travis are still not back together. It doesn’t look like they will immediately reconcile anymore. They have differing objectives and two different lives,” a source said.

It doesn’t seem as if things will change anytime soon, since Kylie is perfectly happy with things as they are.

“Kylie is doing fine since her breakup with Travis. She’s happy and things in her life are great,” the source revealed.

The couple is reportedly making things work as they co-parent little Stormi.

“They love each other and they share a daughter that will bind them together for life. They’ve been great partners in that respect. They are both putting aside any romantic differences to be the best parents in the world for their daughter,” the insider said.

While there have been rumors that the pair was leaving the door open for a reconciliation ever since they split up, rumors really heated up when the pair spent the day together with their daughter. As The Inquisitr reported previously, Travis, Stormi, and Kylie hung out all day on a Sunday at her Calabasas mansion.

“It looked like nothing has changed with them,” an insider said.

Sources close to the family said that the two were having such a nice time that they had even thought about mending their relationship.

Kylie’s family is supportive of a theoretical reunion. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the makeup billionaire has the full support of her sisters, no matter what she decides. A source close to the family said that if she decides to start dating one of her exes again, if she opts to date someone new, or if she ultimately decides to live her best single life, they are there for her.

Kylie and Travis broke up after two years together, though they haven’t revealed why they decided to call it quits. The pair is raising Stormi, who is 20-months-old, as a team.