Carrie Underwood Reveals The Secret Behind Her Toned Legs, And It Requires A Huge Space

Ethan MillerGetty Images

When Carrie Underwood wants to get in a good cardio workout, she doesn’t always just hop on a treadmill in the gym. One of the singer’s secrets for staying in shape involves a massive outdoor space that many fitness enthusiasts don’t have access to.

Carrie often flaunts her shapely legs when she’s on stage, whether she’s wowing her fans by wearing a dazzling short dress during a stop on her “Cry Pretty Tour 360” or rocking a pair of sparkly gold shorts during a special performance for the CMT Artists of the Year ceremony. However, while Carrie’s stage outfits are usually covered in sequins or rhinestones, her workout wear is less theatrical. She created her own line of activewear, CALIA by Carrie, and it includes leggings, sports bras, and athletic tops that are functional yet feminine. These garments might be lacking the sparkles that Carrie is so fond of, but she does an excellent job marketing them by rocking them like they’re her flashy stage outfits.

In a recent post on the CALIA Instagram page, Carrie is pictured wearing a pair of her brand’s black leggings. She’s clearly dressed for the cold weather in a pink long-sleeved shirt and a white puffer vest. The 36-year-old musician is pictured exercising in a space that’s just as large as the indoor arenas that she usually performs in, but this one is an outdoor stadium. “The Champion” singer is getting her heart rate up by running up the steps of the stadium.

According to the caption of the Instagram post, Carrie’s stair runs make her stage performances easier, likely because they help increase her endurance. The post also includes a photo that shows off the results of her hard work. It appears to be a picture that was snapped during her “Cry Pretty Tour 360.” Carrie is wearing a dark blue sequin wrap dress that shows off her toned legs. In addition to dazzling the crowd with her sparkly outfit, she’s commanding the stage by giving her performance her all.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Carrie has said that she gets so into her singing that she occasionally experiences “involuntary body spasms.”

She tries to exercise as hard as she performs, but the mother of two has admitted that getting in a good workout in isn’t always easy when she’s on tour. According to Women’s Health, Carrie has a mobile gym that follows her as she travels across the country, and it’s loaded with machines and weights. There’s also space for Carrie to do indoor cardio exercises like jump roping and Tabata workouts.

It looks like Carrie also likes to work out outdoors when she can. However, while those concrete stadium steps might help keep her famous legs looking amazing, they aren’t the only steps that are important to her when it comes to staying fit. Carrie motivates herself to keeping moving by thinking of metaphorical steps, and she’s accepted that every workout she does isn’t going to be a stadium-sized triumph.

“I’m always trying to take steps in the right direction… even if they’re small steps,” she said.