Chrissy Teigen Reveals She’s Peaked With New ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover Featuring Her And John Legend

Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to share the new cover of Vanity Fair, which featured the star’s family. The model opened up to her followers on the popular social media platform, revealing that this moment is a high point in her life.

In a post about Teigen, her husband John Legend, and their children, Vanity Fair called the author’s romance a modern-day fairytale. Teigen unashamedly retweeted the post, which featured the beautiful cover.

In the image, the family sat on the grass for the shot. Legend, who wore a white button-up and dark trousers, kissed Teigan on the cheek. She had her eyes closed and looked blissful, wearing a flowery, multi-colored ruffled sleeve top. She held their daughter, Luna Simone — who wore a gorgeous burgundy, smocked dress, along with a beautiful smile. Legend held their son, Miles Theodore, who went topless for the December issue of the magazine. The cover referred to the couple as the first family the United States deserves.

According to a Page Six report, both Teigen and Legend discussed their 2020 presidential picks.

“My favorite — I’m going to say it, we’ll break news today — is Elizabeth Warren,” Legend revealed. “She’s the best candidate running today, and she comes at it with joy and with sincerity and with a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Teigen agreed with her husband. However, she also offered some high praise for presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, who is currently a junior U.S. Senator from California.

The celebrity duo found themselves the target of President Donald Trump’s ire when the president directed a tweet at the couple in September. Trump referred to Legend “and his filthy mouthed wife” on Twitter after The Voice judge promoted the group FreeAmerica on NBC Nightly News. The Inquisitr previously reported that Teigen openly talked about the situation on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Someone sent me screenshots, and my heart stopped, and at that point, you know you’re gonna get so much … It was a weird feeling. I think my eyes filled up with water at the shock of it. Like, I can’t believe this is happening right now,” said Teigen. “[Donald Trump] goes on these rants, and normally it’s very late at night for him,” she added.

Ultimately, Teigen fired back at Trump with some less-than-kind words of her own. The model’s use of the shortened term “President PAB” ended up trending on Twitter. Teigen revealed that she’s currently working on getting the term copyrighted.

Although Vanity Fair referred to Teigen and Legend as a first family, it’s unclear if either of them has plans to run for president in the future.