‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Goes Green For ‘Beetlejuice’ Halloween Costume

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Chrissy Metz is going from the Big Three to Beetlejuice. To celebrate Halloween, the This Is Us star dressed as the devious poltergeist made famous in the 1988 Michael Keaton movie, and fans agreed she nailed the costume.

Metz posted several Instagram photos of her 2019 Halloween costume, which features a bright green wig and a black and white striped dress reminiscent of Beetlejuice’s famous striped suit. The NBC star has purple makeup around her eyes and green goo dripping from her mouth as she holds a prop book titled Handbook for the Recently Deceased. The Emmy-nominated actress tagged her stylist and makeup team for “juicing” her up for the creepy costume.

Metz also posted photos of her BFF, Donnie Berry. Metz’s longtime pal is dressed as Will Smith’s character the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from the 1990s TV show of the same name. Berry sports a blue baseball cap, striped shirt, and shorts as he channels the rapper’s sitcom character.

Fans hit the comments section of Metz’s photo to remark on her clever costume. One fan even thought a fake bruise on the 39-year-old actress’s arm was real because it looked so convincing.

“No! It was for the costume!” Metz wrote.

“You both crushed these costumes,” one fan wrote.

“Y’all win Halloween!” added another.

“Great makeup work, it looks so real! Love your costume so much!!” a third fan added.

You can see Chrissy Metz’s Beetlejuice-themed Halloween costume below.

Chrissy Metz has plenty to celebrate this Halloween. While her This Is Us character, Kate Pearson, may be dealing with some 1990s flashback drama, the actress is on a career high.

Metz recently told Us Weekly that in addition to her role on the hit NBC drama, she is working on her debut country music album as well as some writing.

“I’m working on some personal music in the country space which is very exciting. It’s been my little girl dreams, so working and cowriting on music. Hopefully, I’ll have some new music come out in the new year, and just cultivating and writing scripts and trying to sell intellectual property of stories that mean something to me.”

Metz is the lead singer of her band Chrissy and the Vapors, and she performed the song “I’m Standing With You” at the 2019 ACM Awards back in April.

You can see more of Chrissy Metz on This Is Us, which airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.