Fight Allegedly Nearly Breaks Out At ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion, Kailyn Lowry Allegedly Got Jade Cline Off The Stage

Over the weekend, the casts of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant were both in New York City filming for reunion specials. In the past, the reunion special tapings have been anything but drama free, and it looks like this past weekend wasn’t any different as a fight nearly broke out on stage, according to Champion Daily.

Reportedly, the fight involved Jade Cline, who was brought to Teen Mom 2 from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant to replace Jenelle Evans after she was let go from the show earlier this year. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, earlier in the week, Jade was reportedly refusing to film with her old co-star, Ashley Jones, who still appears on Young and Pregnant. The fight that reportedly broke out over the weekend allegedly involved both Jade and Ashley.

A source told Champion Daily that “all h*ll broke loose” when Ashley reportedly tried “to start” with Jade.

“It seems Ashley wasn’t happy that Jade got on Teen Mom 2 and she came for her. A massive fight broke out and jade and Ashley almost got into a physical altercation. Ashley also tried fighting with the rest of her Young and Pregnant cast. Some of the girls began taking off their shoes and whatnot and security had to storm in. It was truly insane.”

Reportedly, things got so intense that Ashley and the father of her child, Bariki Smith, had to be “removed from the building.” Although Ashley reportedly left the set, the drama didn’t stop there. Later in the night, Ashley took to her Instagram to post some messages to her co-stars, the source said.

“Ashely [sic] kept going on all night long tagging Jade and Kayla and saying things like I’m at this place, come meet me,” the source claimed.

Reportedly, it was one of the Teen Mom 2 cast members that stepped in and helped to ensure Jade got off the stage.

“Luckily for Jade, Kail Lowry was present when the fight broke out and Kail was a good friend and helped get Jade off the stage before anything too crazy/physical happened.”

In the past, Kailyn Lowry has had to deal with her own drama at the reunion tapings. One year, a fight between her and Briana and Brittany DeJesus nearly broke out on stage. At the time, the entire cast was on stage and a pregnant Chelsea Houska quickly left as the drama intensified. Since that incident, the cast of Teen Mom 2 has mainly taped their segments separately in an effort to avoid any drama. While it is unclear if the cast taped their segments separately this year, it sounds like the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant girls were on stage together at some point.

The source claims that Kailyn Lowry helped get Jade off the stage, and now Kail’s tweets about reunion drama make a little more sense. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kail took to Twitter after filming over the weekend to speak out about drama at the reunion. While she didn’t go into any detail, she did say she would not be attending any reunions in the future.

It is unclear when the Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant reunion special will air, but fans can tune in to all-new episodes of both shows Tuesday nights on MTV.

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