Tom Brady Is Reportedly Furious About Patriots Losing Wes Welker

Tom Brady Is Furious About Losing Wes Welker

Tom Brady is reportedly furious with the New England Patriots after the team let one of his favorite targets, wide receiver Wes Welker, walk away.

The Patriots quarterback has called Wes Welker the “heart and soul” of the Patriots, but apparently New England’s brass didn’t feel the same way. As possibly the best free agent wide receiver on the market, Welker got only a passing glance from the Patriots before signing with the Denver Broncos on Thursday.

Sources close to the team now say that Brady is “beyond enraged” at the situation.

The Patriots didn’t take long in replacing Wes Welker. Shortly after Welker officially became a member of the Denver Broncos, the Patriots announced that they’d come to terms with wide receiver Danny Amendola on a five-year contract.

Though Amendola’s speed and elusiveness have garnered comparisons to Welker, Amendola has struggled with injuries in his four NFL seasons. Since coming into the league Amendola has missed 23 games — to three missed for Welker — and falls behind the former Patriots slot receiver in receptions per game, yards per reception, and average yards after catch.

Amendola does have some history with Patriots personnel. In 2011 he played under then-offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who now leads New England’s offense.

Though a good receiver in his own right, few believe Amendola will fill Welker’s role in New England.

“Based strictly on money, the Patriots made it clear they believe Amendola is a better fit for New England than Welker,” wrote ESPN AFC East blogger James Walker. “But this is a rare miscalculation for the Patriots. Amendola is not an upgrade over Welker, no matter how the team spins it.”

With tepid endorsements like that, it can be easy to see why Tom Brady is so mad about the Wes Welker situation.


There is likely another reason for Tom Brady’s anger at the Wes Welker situation — his own pocketbook. Last month Brady signed a three-year, $27 million extension that dropped his future salaries well below his market value. Brady did that so the Patriots could be free to spend more money in free agency.

Tom Brady Is Furious About Losing Wes Welker

So how did the Patriots respond? They got rid of one of his favorite players in Wes Welker, a man who has vacation with Tom and his wife Gisele in the offseason. It’s easy to see why Tom Brady is so angry.