John David Duggar Reveals The Name He Calls His Wife Abbie

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John David Duggar finally found the love of his life. He and his wife Abbie will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on November 3. As seen in many video clips of the two lovebirds, they have different things that they do to keep their marriage spicy. One of those things is having nicknames for each other.

TLC released a cute video clip on Facebook of the Counting On couple while they were on their honeymoon earlier this year in Finland. Abbie explained how she loves the cold weather and her new husband went along with it. While there, they did some food tasting at a market with many different vendors to sample the Finnish food available. At one point, John David handed some fish for his wife to try and as he was giving it to her, he called her Miss America.

John revealed that his dad used to call his mom, Michelle Duggar, the same thing. So, he just picked up on that and started calling Abbie that. He went even further explaining how his blond wife deserves the title.

“I thought it would be great to call my wife Miss America because that’s what she is…to me. She’s Miss Universe as well,” John said as he looks her over with love.

Abbie is sitting next to him giggling as he said it. She was caught calling her husband John-boy as they were walking through the market. She said that it’s fun to have nicknames for each other as terms of endearment. They have been known to call each other sugar muffin as well.

The couple tried different kinds of food during their trip, including reindeer sticks. They actually kind of liked it.

Abbie is pregnant with her and John’s first child. They found out a few weeks ago that they are having a little girl, just like the rest of the pregnant Duggar women. She is due in January.

Coming up on this current season of Counting On, Abbie will be seen showing up in the middle of the other girl’s pregnancy photo shoot as she announces that she is expecting, too. The Inquisitr gives a few more details on what to expect from the Duggar family in upcoming episodes.

It’s a baby boom in the reality TV family. John David Duggar is excited to grow his family with Abbie. There may also be a courtship or two coming up as well. Stay tuned!